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  1. LOL Brill love it :) oh an happy birthday
  2. WOW.... I go away for 4 days and come back to this :). Looks like alot of ground work ( bet you wish you had Charlie Dimmok lol) Keep this up[ and you'll be supping a cuppa in your new build in no time
  3. The force is strong in this one I feel....... You did well and Patience was learned blumming ****** dise this meen I dont get your kit supper cheep well done and keep us posted especially with your pics :)
  4. oooo sounds like you had a good night.... fingers crossed for many more :)
  5. Stone... just the one... lol..... Thgink your doing tremendousley and I'm not sure who is more excited to see it finished you or me LMAO have a good weekend
  6. shellfish

    New member

    welcome and enjoy :)
  7. Suggestions.... mmmmmm...I think you did not start this interest because it was easy but instead because it was hard..... You feel frustrated now but that only hightens the elation you will feel later when you finaly make it work..... Patience my Padawan..... And if all else fails sell me your kit supper cheep LMAO. Hope things get better :)
  8. WOW totaly cool pic.... is it a FULL moon?
  9. WOW sounds like a good night to me.
  10. Pass on all the tech side of things but love the progress.( you seem to be working like a Trojan). Love all the picke esp the last 3.... Lovley view of the moon BTW. Keep them comming :):). OH and by the way if your short on a bit of weight, feel free to take as much of mine as you would like:) (9stone 6lb. In my dreems LMAO)
  11. 55 saving for 3 years for a good dob and having your parents say " spend it on the kids we will get you one for christmas..." then un-rapping a lovley 60mm refractor... Cant sell it to quick they would get upset lol
  12. Yes very nice.... I could have the left image im my kitchen too lol
  13. I just have a wife to pull me in every direction every time we go shopping...... Harumph lol
  14. I can see 3 of the moons and with a phone cam I think thats great...... Puts my patience to shame though... Might have to try a few more times :) keep going and keep posting them
  15. there great. I tried to use my phone and it was a nightmare to keep the moon in the frame... Think there great fella
  16. Def be proud :) I like the one on the left.... I find the bumps on the horizon realy bring home how it the mountains of another world we are looking at but they are all good :)
  17. lo and welcome to all the family
  18. ooo lo and welcome from the north
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