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  1. Can anyone shed any light on where to find the Patience? I have looked through all the packaging and it seems that it wasn't supplied! The manual with the scope doesn't say where it fits on the scope either.? :smiley:
  2. Thank you everyone! What a great response. Never had so much useful information to process before. I'm definitely going to look into one of the options you've all mentioned. Cheers carl
  3. Hi! Another beginners post!! After a good night outside and have got some great views of Saturn I decided to go a little more adventurous and start finding some DSO's. My problem has always been with a finder scope but it's become more of a problem now I'm trying to be more precise. When using a finder scope I find it incredibly easy to become incredibly lost. Visually by eye, I can pick out for example; Benetnash, alioth & Megrez. After consulting a guide to find M51 I start using my finder scope to start zeroing in, I look through the finder scope only to get lost in swathes and swathe
  4. Thanks for all the replies. Found astroshed of you tube as you recommended. He has loads of useful stuff on there!
  5. Hi people. I am going to have a play at taking some photos soon. I know my mount with a 200p isn't the best combo, but I'm going to learn for later in my astronomy career! Please don't shoot me down yet. There is conflicting advice and each YouTube video seems to conflict with the last. What do you people out there do for polar alignment. (I have a polar scope) Cheers Carl
  6. I had a 127 which i sold to get a 200p. If finances allowed, I would have kept the 127 AND bought the 200p. The 127 got me going and I really miss the portability. I'd always recommend that scope to someone else!
  7. I have the same problem with my 200p. The focuser is quite aggressive and fast so I find I'm constantly over shooting thr sweet spot. If you touch the focuser, it can also push it in. You can but the dual focuser that comes on the 200pds which is more suited to AP. I will be doing this sometime soon! Carl
  8. I recently did a part exchange for a newer better scope and used Astronomia in Dorking. They offered much more in trade in value than any other retailer in the area so I was pleased straight away! When I started dealing with them, I was glad I found them. Astronomia have an excellent support system built into their website. If you're a customer and they have you on their system, your email address allows you to log in and start an enquiry. You're then issued a ticket number and it informs you who is dealing with your enquiry and what's happening. Very speedy replies. I found all enquiries answ
  9. I was recommended the revelation kit too. I've tested neither but it seems it's a popular kit.
  10. I know very little as I'm fairly new to this hobby but ill mention this, and I may be very wrong. Could the mirror be bent? Perhaps over tightened on one side? Carl
  11. He who asks a question is a fool for a minute; he who does not remains a fool forever. Unless you're my wife who never shuts up asking questions.
  12. Always the way in this world! You buy something...you need to change something else. bah Carl
  13. Can't comment on the skytee but I'm a new owner of an EQ5. Seems like a good enough sturdy mount. With the counterweights installed, it's a ****** to shift around. I understand it's not going to do well with astro photography with the 200p on it but it's great for visual work. Carl
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