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  1. Aah...misposted..oops. Let’s see if I can get this moved thanks
  2. I don't often post here but wanted to give a shout-out to CFF. I took delivery of the new scope in early March and this is the first light. Not the most challenging of DSO but its great for picking up any collimation issues. I haven't actually touched collimation yet, still trying to find a window of opportunity with decent seeing and its a little off but straight out of the box the scope is performing well. Kudos to Catalin and the people at CFF. Great people to deal with, great customer service, loving the scope. CFF RC250 F7 First Light - NGC5139 Details NGC5139 RGB 30:30:30 in 5 minute subs from Sydney CFF F7 RC250 with custom field flattener. The focal length is 1790. STL6303e AP900 Processed in PI, really basic stuff, calibration, some light touch NR, photometric colour calibration followed by HST. Clear skies
  3. Cough...star removal..discuss.. Much of what we do revolves around processing and each to his own in terms of what the final output is but I really struggle with star removal. Star shrinking is iffy but I see where you might do it if stars have been blown out in processing but whenever I see full on star removal, I just want to scream ? “Please can you just put them back!” Is it Cheating? I don’t think so, but it does make me wonder what the response might be if someone’s asked whats causing the nebulosity?
  4. I Imaged this last month at my dark site, B312 against a backdrop of stars in Sagittarius. Theres a few interesting things going on here including a reasonable amount of Ha centre top which is south of the area around M16, etc and theres am interesting cluster mid right. FSQ106N, STL6303e on an AP Mach1. 48*5 min subs RGB Large here B312 in Sagittarius Thanks for looking
  5. Fishing around for a last minute target last weekend to test out a new focuser and found this. Centrerd around an open cluster, NGC6603, here’s a bit going on here, not least the star cloud, some dark nebulae and a fair bit of ha against the background of the cente of the Milky Way. Bit of fun, hope you like. Details FSQ106n STL6303e AP Mach1 44 * 180sec in RGB
  6. Thanks. The mount is an FTX and it’s on a Samson Tripod
  7. This is my FC 76DCU set up for a glimpse of Jupiter and Mars last night. It has the 1.7 CX module installed.
  8. Mmmmmmmmm. Much better than the standard lid when dealing with secondary dew heater cables
  9. Shower cap on a 10”RC Truss ..works a treat provided there is an Astrozap shroud as well. guy in the local markets knocks these out.
  10. Hi thought you might be interested in this. The Jewel box sits in Crux and is pretty spectacular in an eyepiece. This was captured using MaximDL and processed in PixInsight. Not much was done in terms of processing but as the stars are fairly young I boosted the blues a little as in its basic processed state they were pretty much white (so shorter subs needed?) location - Sydney gear GSO RC10a Truss (first light) Moravian G2 8300 with astronomiks filters AP900 mount Image data, RGB 24:24:24 in 3 minute subs Cheers
  11. I was casting around for a way to frame M16 in DSO Browser and came across this, pairing with SH2-54.SH2-54 and M16There is a huge amount of Ha between the two objects and some Oiii which I will process later but thought the LRGB might be of interest.A few issues with stars that I hope I can resolve when I combine the NB.Details47*300sec LRGBSTL6303eFSQ106NAP900Thanks for looking
  12. Sharpless 2-1 is a very faint reflection nebula in Scorpio. This image is framed such that you have an emission nebula lit up by the star PI-Sco to the right, then a reflection nebula that looks like a mirrored lower case h in the middle and a dusty star region over to the left. Dark skies needed for this. Imaged with an F5 scope at 10 minute subs so very faint indeed. Details 14*600 sec subs, bias, dithered to within an inch of its life and no darks Canon 5d Mkii FSQ106n AP Mach1 STi with the lens kit for guiding Processed in PI Thanks for looking
  13. Thanks Paul. There's a whole heap of stuff down here if you can just get that wider FOV. Glad you like it. Thanks Cheers Chris
  14. I don't think I have posted images here before so here goes The Lobster and the Cats paw are a couple of emission Nebulae in Scorpio. I acquired these at the last new moon from a very dark site in New South Wales. In between the 2 nebs are a number of dark nebula areas. The cats paw is really interesting at longer focal lengths as each area of the paw is quite different in appearance . The lobster is also known as the Man of War nebula and within is a star forming area that again holds up better at longer focal lengths. Details - 22 * 600 second subs using a modified Canon 5D Mk II on the back of an FSQ106n mounted on an AP Mach1. Guiding was with an Sbig STi with the lens kit.. Imaging processing was done in PI. No darks for this one, just bias and an awful lot of dithering.
  15. Wow, Sara. Sounded tough and to your point very much worth consideration. I was more thinking about the post re paramount issues rather than import issues given that the op was comparing AP to Avalon but fair point
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