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  1. So thats the 12mm and the 5mm out of the equation. I find the barlow really comfortable to use, so they would wasted. I think I will go for the 7mm now and maybe the 18mm in the future, hopefully in time for the spring galaxies. Thanks guys
  2. I while back I posted a topic regarding eyepieces and had settled on the 5mm X-Cel LX for the odd night that high magnification could be used. Now that I've been out a lot more, I've been thinking about the other focal lengths in the range. Here are the reason for each one that I might possibly purchase. 12mm - I can get really good views with a 25mm and a 2x barlow, so this would be to improve the views even more. Of course if the improvement is less than noticeable, I won't bother. 7mm - Would be used to get the highest useable magnification, to squeeze every bit of detail out of those planets. But it might be too close a gap between it and the 9mm. 5mm - As stated above, for those rare nights that high magnification could be used. I was thinking of the 18mm for DSOs, but when out on Friday night, I realised that I would be better spending my money on a longer focal length in the future. Any comments on the selection above and which one I should go for would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. I had a dream turned nightmare last night. I was outside with the 'scope when all the streetlights in the town went off, leaving beautifully dark skies. I went inside to make tea and to tell everyone else. I came back out to see terenchal rain and my garden flooding with the scope floating away. I went outside this morning when i woke up just to check if it was ok. Occasionally I dream about going to a dark site and seeing Betelgeuse go off, always a nice one to have.
  4. Someone must have had a great deal of faith in these filters if they did that haha So as long as i get rid of any dust particles i should be fine, thanks.
  5. The other night i came in from a fantastic session viewing the veil and the dumbbell nebula with my newly acquired Skywatcher OIII filter and noticed when I came in, that there were two little marks on the filter. It didn't seem to affect performance but it does annoy me a little bit. I was wondering if I could clean it with Baader Wonder fluid, or would it be too harsh on the coatings on the filter?
  6. Thanks for the input guys. So its's possible but only when your really dark adapted and when using a h-beta filter. And of course dark skies help as well. Good to know, thanks again.
  7. Would these two nebulae be visible with a 10 inch dob? Or would they only be visible with an OII or a UHC filter? I tried finding the California Nebula but to no avail, so was just checking in case I'm wasting my time.
  8. here's my new maplins case. Was a bit bigger than I expected, and also, it filled up faster than I expected. Excellent quality as well, and still enough room for a few more eyepieces as well Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
  9. Luckily for me I already live outside of town, giving me reasonably dark skies. M33 wasn't all that difficult to find, it was just a matter of staying with it to get more detail. The neo filter helps with finding it, but I sometimes it makes everything too dark. Thanks anyway guys
  10. Thanks for that, at least it means I don't have to buy more filters.
  11. Something I have always wondered is are there any filters that would help with viewing galaxies? I have tried using a neodymium filter with M33 and that helped a little bit by making the galaxy stand out a bit more. But are there any other filters that would improve the view?
  12. I thought I should update you on my hunt for the eyepieces. I'm going to go for the Panaview 32mm, I don't mind if the stars don't look as good across the whole field of view. And for the planetary, I'm stuck between the X-Cel 5mm or BST Explorer 5mm. The reason for the BST is that at such high magnification, the seeing and atmospheric conditions will rarely allow for the use of a 5mm, so I don't want to buy an (in my eyes) expensive eyepiece if i'm rarely going to use. Although, the opposite argument can be made for the X-Cel being that you would want a great eyepiece for when seeing will allow it. So that's my position at the moment, would love to hear your thoughts on it
  13. It was my first telescope and was a brilliant platform to start from. The tripod is a bit flimsy and the finder is pretty awful, but a couple of easy fixes and a good red dot finder or even better a telrad, and you'll have a great time with it.
  14. The 9mm is a brilliant eyepiece, I've had some fantastic nights with it. In your 'scope it'll be brilliant. Enjoy your new purchase
  15. They are great eyepieces, seems like the 5mm X-Cel is the one to go for Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
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