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    Astronomy (of course), Snowboarding, my numerous collection of gaming consoles, Running and mountain/hill walking.
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    Egham, Surrey
  1. The good old 200p...minus my now busted xcel-x 5mm, destroyed by the lens cap of doom pulling off the eyepiece and scratching the lens...
  2. Off to Borneo late September..Taking the Binos only (scope ready for winter)...any advice on some bino viewing of the southern sky?
  3. think my posts are acting up...sorry for the doubles...
  4. Grrrr @ the house behind...turned on 2 halogen spotlights..just for the sake of lighting up the backgarden they aren't using...lights up the entire garden and bedrooms of my place 50m away...excuse my french but some people are arses....quick word tomorrow i think...
  5. Just waiting for Saturn to get a bit higher...I can't believe i saw it so low...bless the 5mm xcel x....looks lovely in the 9mm as well...fitted my telrad today and was surprised at how accurate it was...good stuff all round... I tidied up your double post for you, regards, nightfisher
  6. Just seen the Cassini division for the first time with the Dob... Celebrating with Kronenbourg... That is all...Carry on!
  7. Glenn2214

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Back in Egham watching the rugby with georgeb..tent flooded this morning and even my stonking hangover couldn't keep me in it...thanks to astronut and lulu for drying my jacket! Had a top time though, even if i did miss out on the decent weather...enjoy the rest and stay dry!....
  8. Glenn2214

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Got home from my night shift..opened the cupboard and low and behold the other half has only gone and bought jaffa cakes....I asked her why and she said "well that's what they eat at these astronomy parties!"....Shall I wind her up and make her eat nothing but for the first few days...or be nice since she's actually coming to watch me geek out...?
  9. Hi Martin, I would recommend the skywatcher 200p dobsonian as a starter scope, I't obviously doesn't have a goto mount but you get a lot for your money. I have been using mine for a year and have found that having a dobsonian mount has forced me to "star hop" and learn where things are rather than letting a computerised mount do it for me. You can pick the scope up for around £290. I'd recommend changing the supplied eyepieces after you have got used to using it. I'd also recommend getting hold of the cambridge star atlas and a telrad finder to help with your star hopping. I found it useful to pick one area of the night sky and just spend a few hours looking around, that way you build up a memory bank of each area over the months. Enjoy! Glenn.
  10. Nice Dan!, The best i've managed is a cheeky mobile phone shot down the lens! That photo is a beauty!
  11. Glenn2214

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    That shoud read george b...not george smiley face!
  12. Glenn2214

    SGL 8 - General Banter

    Right, I Know we might all be knackered from late nights/beer/cold etc...but i'm going to head into the brecons on the saturday morning for a quick scoot up Pen-Y-Fan. If anyone fancies joining me feel free to drop me a line or come and grab me on pitch 66 (George . We should have a couple of spare seats in the car if you fancy it. After all, the Brecons are now officially a UK dark sky sight so it might be worth having a look during the day as well! Glenn.
  13. Excellent stuff NGC...I was looking for a good checklist online! Thanks.....
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