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  1. You're right Chris, having goto capability would be a really big plus! It looks like a lot of nice features for that price. I'm really tempted but haven't managed to find any good reviews of the ioptron online. Would be great to hear from anyone who has tried it.
  2. Interesting idea, thanks for pointing that out. The ioptron is really light and tempting, but I'm wondering if I should just pay a couple of hundred pounds more and get much more payload with a secondhand Astrotrac. (15kg vs iOptron 5kg). But on the other hand, the iOptron is so light it's making the Astrotrac look really heavy in comparison. Grrr.
  3. Thanks so much for all the replies, been really helpful! This is the scope I have and am hoping to use: http://www.celestron.com/browse-shop/uncategorized/80ed-refractor The Celestron 80ED specs says it's around 2kg. Including the DSLR body it would take it to about 3kg, is this something that can fit comfortably on the SA for imaging? I'm leaning more towards the astrotrac now as I'm thinking it's better to have capacity to spare, but would it be too ambitious to image with this 600mm scope on the astrotrac without any guiding in any case? It seems like astrotrac hasn't released any new products for years though, I'm a little worried about getting support if needed. Furthermore I'm buying it secondhand, are there any tips as to how to check if it's working alright? Thanks very much for all your thoughts!
  4. I am thinking of buying the astrotrac travel system but am intrigued by the Star Adventurer which seems to do the job at less than half the price. Can anyone give me your thoughts on which would be the better option? I need something portable and light as I hope to travel with it, and I'm a newbie so would like something easy to setup and use. I'm starting on a DSLR but my end goal is to take images of nebulae and galaxies, eventually moving onto a CCD camera. I won't have the budget for longer camera lenses at the moment. I do however have a Celestron ED80 which I hope to use once I'm more familiar with the equipment. For people who own the Star Adventurer, does the whole setup become bulky once you add a suitably sturdy tripod? Would an astrotrac travel system still be better if it was just a couple hundred quid more? thanks very much!
  5. Hi all. I'm about to splash out on buying the Astrotrac and would love to hear any reviews and thoughts about whether to go for the pier or a tripod. I'm assuming the pier is more expensive, although I suspect a tripod that is just as sturdy might cost just as much? Are there any good tripod alternatives that give the same support as the pier? I'm planning to start out with just a DSLR on it, but I also do have a couple of scopes that I might eventually like to use on it. I'm planning to have it set up in the garden mainly, but I do hope to bring it on roadtrips and I will have to move it overseas at some point in time, so I would love any thoughts about how portable the pier is. Many thanks in advance!
  6. That is a stunning picture, I'll be happy if I got anything close to that...ever. Thanks so much for the tips, glad to know Manfrotto would work just fine as I would be able to use it for photography as well. Are 5 min exposures good enough to achieve good images in narrowband? My rudimentary research seems to show the narrowband imaging requires longer exposures than RGB. Would this setup eventually allow me to get longer exposures or would it need to be guided? Sorry for the million questions, I'm just trying get a better understanding so I know what to expect. Thanks so much for your thoughts!
  7. Thanks very much for the reply Andrew! Would you say that the pier that Astrotrac sells, or a good Manfrotto tripod would be good enough as a mount for the setup? Sorry for the newbie questions, I've only just started researching narrowband imaging, but just as a guide, if I wanted to put a 300mm lens onto the camera, how many spacer rings would I need? Many thanks! Jess
  8. Would it be possible to have a beginner's astrophotography narrowband setup with just the Astrotrac, a normal tripod, and a CCD camera with perhaps a long lens or a small telescope? I've been trying to really get into astrophotography but am constrained by lack of technical knowledge and a lack of space, no car or access to dark sites, and being stuck in Central London with extreme light pollution. So I'm after something really light and easy to setup and use. Any advice or tips would be really welcome. Many thanks!
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