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  1. Amazing. Is it actually possible to see this looking like that or is it the processing that enables it?
  2. Hi, any idea where I can look? I moved house and the moving company broke mine
  3. Thanks for replies. I have 8mm 13mm and 17mm They are all 70° FOV. Also have Tele vue 2x Barlow. so as considering an f5 scope, will I need to change EPs? I moved to Sweden last year and don't know of any local clubs where I can try it out. Thanks again, much appreciated.
  4. Hi, I have 3 celestron ultima lx eyepieces. Will they be ok for a 10inch dobsonian? Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think I am leaning towards the 10 inch skywatcher flextube. They seem to be quite well liked on here..... Couple of questions though. Will I need a fan? If so are they easy to fit and can someone recommend one please? Any other accessories I will need to consider to get good use straight away? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hi, I moved to Sweden last year. The moving company broke the mount of my celestron nexstar 6se so I haven't been doing any viewing lately. We have some amazing clear nights here but a bit cold! I'm thinking about buying a new telescope, maybe a dobsonian 10 inch. I have up to an absolute Max of a grand to spend. Any recommended please?
  7. Some amazing sets there! What case do you recommend then? I dont want to break the bank but want em safe.
  8. Hi all, Does anyone know any good spots not too far from Crawley to set up at? Cheers
  9. I have one of these, was a Christmas present, works well. Not tried but guess it could be chardged off a power tank. Hot Rox Electronic Hand Warmers
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