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  1. For the money the TAL is great. The Skywatcher deluxe is not great, I had one and compared it to my TAL and my Revelation and it was markedly poor in comparison to both. The Revelation isn't a bad barlow but the TAL is better.
  2. Thanks James, I'll keep it on my wishlist then. Looks like I will have to go back in my loft/garage/shed for things to sell on ebay lol
  3. I too am considering the Baader Zoom in the future, how much better is it than the BST explorer EPs? Is it very noticeable or just slightly better to the trained eye?
  4. Don't rule out second hand scopes, there are some bargains to be had if you look properly.
  5. I have recenlty acquired a Celestron C70 Mini Mak and although it mainly used for terrestrial I wanted to use it on the odd night. I tried it the other night and found there was a reflection to the left of centre which was a bit odd. I know it won't have great coatings needed for astro work but should it have a circular reflection? It's not there in daylight.
  6. Got the chance to try out my latest 'extras' tonight after weeks of cloudy nights. The thing I was looking forward to the most was the skywatcher auto focuser as I hate the shaking when trying to focus, especially if your hands are are cold. All I can say is it's brilliant and I'm really glad I bought it. Finding focus is easy now and even with high power EPs it was spot on and not a hint of a shake. My favourite upgrade to date
  7. Collimation is a strange animal lol, I did a strange test today as I was doing a few 'mods' to the scope and focuser in particular. I have read so many times about cheap laser collimators being useless because they are often out of collimation themselves and as I have one and know it to be collimated very well I tried something. First I checked my collimation with a cheshire and set it up bang on, I then checked it with my laser and it was still good. I then deliberately knock the collimation out on my cheap laser and also uncollimated the scope. I didn't knock the laser far out but enough to
  8. Just buy a cheap goto scope on ebay, swap the mount and put the cheaper scope onto your mount and sell it on.
  9. Can I ask out of ignorance why it needs to be off axis?
  10. Anyone got this? I have just got it given to me and I must say it's quite a nice bit of software. I was just wondering if anyone else on here had it and what their thoughts are.
  11. All you need now is a couple of BST Explorer EPs, a TAL 2x barlow, a copy of Turn Left at Orion and a collimator then your sorted for a while lol
  12. I would have said a 127 Mak on a goto az mount would be a good choice, not a refractor but pretty portable.
  13. Someone on here has made an adapter for their mobile phone to use as a finder. It would be awkward to align but on some level most things are possible.
  14. If you click the ebay link in this post or the last one it should take you to the page, they take a while to come from there and you can get others if you hunt the internet.
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