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  1. Thanks Quatermass I'll take a look and have a go at re-processing. You might be interested to know I've managed to take some manually guided shots using my 200P and the finderscope as a guidscope with an xbox live vision camera as a guidecam. Your blog was very helpful so thanks! I only have a film SLR camera at the moment (unless I can borrow a DSLR!) so it will be a week or so till I get the film developed to see how it went! I'm planning on getting a cheap DSLR soon and then doing the rest of the conversion so I have an auto-guided system.
  2. Great image - much better than my recent attempt!
  3. Got these last night. Both unguided with my 200P and (borrowed) EOS 7D. I framed M81 incorrectly assuming that NGC3077 was actaully M82 from the initial test shot on my camera display, doh! This is the first time I've attempted multiple stacking in DSS. I've noticed I get a blue tint which I don't think is real - any idea on how to change this? M81 - 8 x 90s @ ISO 1600: M81 27/03/2012 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! M51 - 4 x 120s @ ISO 800: M51 27/03/2012 | Flickr - Photo Sharing! All comments welcome!
  4. Great shot of Saturn considering you have no Barlow. If your considering getting one, I wouldn't recommend the cheap ones.
  5. But can you adjust the gain on the MS LifeCam using sharpcap (or similar?)
  6. I believe so... It has gain control when you plug it into sharpcap, something I've only seen on CCDs. In addition, I put it on my 50mm f5 finderscope to act as a guiding camera and I could pick out magnitude 7 stars - a CMOS would be hard pushed to achieve this
  7. If your on a budget then the Xbox live cam is only £4 on eBay including delivery and that will give you a good taste of imaging to at least wet your appetite! There's a thread on this forum (just search for Xbox live vision webcam) with loads if example images!
  8. Nope, it's a CCD (like the SPC) and it's the same size, but a different sensor. This makes sense since the SPC-900 uses a Sony sensor and I can't imagine Microsoft using Sony gear in their webcams!
  9. I like the idea of the heatsink - when using mine as a guidecam I have to put the gain on max (it gets quite warm!). By playing around with the contrast I've been able to get good star images. I'm using the 50mm F5 finder-scope that came with my SW 200P
  10. I've been taking a look - although there probably is a way, the chip is arranged much differently to the SPC-900. Therefore, you can't copy that long exposure mod like-for-like and despite searching I've not come across anything else specifically to do with this camera.
  11. As an update, I've snapped a few shots with my xbox live cam over the weekend - got Saturn and Jupiter, seeing wasn't ideal on either day and my x3 Barlow that I used is a mega cheap one so I'm hoping by upgrading that and waiting for better conditions I'll get better images. I'd really like to be able to resolve the Cassini Division on Saturns rings. I also got some Sun Spot images. In additon to this, I can finally say I have been able to use my webcam for manually guided DSO photography!! I've taken a 15min exposure of M42 on my EOS 500 35mm SLR camera using Fujicrome Provia 400X (ISO 40
  12. Wellington isn't great from a LP perspective, it's only just south of Reading so your better off heading further west
  13. Great stuff, I fancy having a go at M42 with this
  14. Tried out my xbox live cam this evening, got the moon (12 piece mosaic) and Mars. Don't have a Barlow to fit my homemade webcam mod so mars is only a few pixels across! Moon turned out okay, although those of you with a keen eye will no doubt see the two glaring mistakes... 14 tiles as opposed to 12 would have done the trick! Still this is my first ever mozaic and first time imaging with a webcam so I'm fairly happy! For anyone interested, given a dark enough sky I think this camera should be possible to be used as a guide cam - I was able see some stars as dim as Mag 3 or 4 once I had got
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