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  1. Any details know yet for Astroblast 2009?
  2. I was just coming on to ask if anyone had been to this! Anyone going this year from the UK?
  3. Is it the maths in MST121 that's put you off, or maths in general? I ask because I did MST121, I'm doing MS221 & signed up for M208 next year & each course doesn't bear much resemblance to the one before. DS is about to start MST121 & has more of a physics bent than I do. He's been told that most of the physics courses aren't that mathsy until level 3 & even then its not 'scary' maths. Although I suppose that depends on your definition of what's scary! Of course, if the change of mind is because you like the planetary & geology stuff, rather than disliking the maths, then those courses look like great fun! Best of luck with them.
  4. and yet oddly enough I, as a complete beginner, find it a much better read than S@N. Don't tell DS though ;-) He thinks I buy it purely for his benefit.
  5. Anyone have any experience of these courses? http://www.jb.man.ac.uk/distance/ Following Baskii's mention of the Astronomy Certificate offered by the Open & Manchester Universities in the OU thread, DS is contemplating trying a couple. It seems a bit of a punt in the dark since there's no mention of open days or anything similar where you could preview the courses & decide if they suit you.
  6. S282 looks interesting, but alas not compatible with the other courses I want to do. Gaz, what did you think of it? Is it very mathsy?
  7. Reading some of the other threads I've noticed a few people mention they're studying with the OU, and since I couldn't find a thread for it I thought I'd start one. What are you studying & what are you aiming for? Also don't forget to tell us what you think of the courses you've done so far. I'm doing maths, currently MS221. So far, course good, balancing it with the rest of life
  8. I have several yards of waterproof fabric knocking about & was thinking of making a cover for just such occasions. Anyone else tried this & have suggestions, or things to avoid?
  9. all sorted - now just need the b clouds to clear!
  10. Thanks everyone for the warm welcome. :sunny:
  11. Thanks so much for this primer - without it I would have been tearing my hair out. Unfortunately by the time I'd figured out the problems with Vista etc the clouds had rolled in, but at lleast now I'm ready when we do finally have a clear night.
  12. Greetings from the north west, where it is sunny by day & cloudy by night. I've been sucked into my son's hobby, & here I am, waaaaaaaaay past my bedtime, posting on an astronomy forum. I don't know 1/10 of what he does, but I still enjoy it & I'm learning.
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