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  1. At the moment I'm thinking of an OOUK VX12-L with 1/10 wave mirror, and a Gemini G53F or Mesu, permanently set up in a roll-off roof obsy. I like the Avalon linear fast reverse, too, but not sure it'll handle the payload with enough "headroom" (the OTA alone is 16kg) for when I want to do some imaging. I'll probably change my mind several tens of times before pushing the button, though!
  2. Thanks for this topic Neil - I'm having almost exactly the same conundrum - same budget and same as you in that visual will be my main activity but DSO imaging definitely going to happen in the near future - I'm not aiming to win any awards though, I hasten to add. I have an 8" SCT now and I wouldn't want to go with a longer focal length because of the limited fov, as Olly points out, but I would certainly like some more aperture...due to the f10 of the bigger Celestrons, I'd discounted these. For that reason I was thinking about a newt - the OOUK vx-12l (f5) or even vx-14 (f4.6) look goo
  3. Thanks everyone. Am I right in thinking a Mewlon's a Dall-Kirkham? I know they're pricey, but it's a once in a lifetime purchase (at least that's what I'm telling myself/my wife now!) so as long as what I see through the EP knocks the socks off what I'm already seeing through my 8" SCT, preferably in terms of both brightness and crispness, then I don't mind spending a bit of money on it.
  4. Any views on the OOUK 10" ODK scope - would the (presumed) better optical quality result in appreciably better views (visually) than a C11/C11 Edge? I'm a bit wary of being unfamiliar with the Dall-Kirkham characteristics vs. a standard SCT - would've want to spend that money to end up with something visually not a big improvement over a C11, say. Regarding a Dob, I have been tempted in the past but if I'm honest with myself I don't have the time or inclination to set up, collimate, track etc - I'm afraid I'm probably just plain lazy!
  5. I'm faced with a nice problem in that, as part of extending our house, I've "found" some budget for a roll-off roof obsy and a new scope/mount...the problem is I'm not sure which route to go regarding upgrading my current CPC800. I'm almost exclusively a visual observer, but might want to do some light photography in future, so I thought a pier-mounted AZ-EQ 6 mount would keep my options open whilst providing a decent payload capacity for a bigger scope (I prefer alt-az for visual observing, but can also switch to EQ if I ever decide to take any pictures). I'm not sure how best to upgrade the
  6. The path for Dragon X looks exactly like what I saw - thanks for identifying that! Wish I'd known what I was looking at at the time!
  7. I saw something similar - I thought it was the ISS and the path of ISS in SkySafari looked plausibly like what I saw, so thought nothing more of it. Extraordinarily bright, though, and by the time I'd swung the scope around manually to see if I could spot it in the finder, it had gone, more quickly than I'd expected the ISS to disappear.
  8. I used the wrong word there Digger1895 - it's really only a deck in the sense that it's a flat area in a very steeply sloping garden - it's actually a patio, i.e. stone slabs on a thick concrete base, so hopefully no issues (or at least fewer issues) with vibration, thank goodness.Found twenty quid in my jeans pocket yesterday, so I'm already 0.5% of the way towards being able to buy the scope! Now then, how many other pairs of jeans have I got...
  9. Thanks folks - it'll take a few months to get the money together, but already looking forward to my first views (probably this time next year!) through a big scope!
  10. Ok...I've decided...it'll be a Sumerian. It'll occasionally be bundled into the back of a car with some kids (not sure which will be in the boot and which in the back seats) and taken to the odd star party, so that settles it. Plus I like the look of the design. Richard - I'd be really interested to know how you get on with yours - do let me know.
  11. Thanks Steve - since I've no experience of using either, I'd be really grateful if anyone who has been lucky enough to own, or at least look through, a good ultra compact and a good "standard" truss Dob, could give me an idea of what the differences "at the eyepiece" might be. I wouldn't class myself as a dedicated observer - my job and family commitments mean I'll never be able to get out as often as I might otherwise like - and I just "love the views", rather than aspiring to make any serious observations. I enjoy it a lot, though, and have done since I was six, and so I'm happy to spend the
  12. Yikes!! Looks like the missis is going to have to wait a while longer for the new kitchen...Are there any useful threads on the forum on "How to explain to one's other half that one needs a 16" Dob and associated equipment"?
  13. I'm ashamed to say I don't have a practical bone in my body - I can barely tie my own shoelaces so I'd be lost knowing what to do with a 16" mirror! Even collimating for the first time has me worried...but I guess I'm getting ahead of myself there - haven't even placed an order yet!
  14. Yes, I think I will! It's a once in a lifetime thing, after all, and now I know that I won't need a ladder there's nothing stopping me (apart from the small matter of finding £3k, of course!)
  15. ...and I appreciate you all sharing your experiences - I know you weren't trying to do a selling job, Richard, "being convinced" was just a figure of speech - no offence intended if indeed any was taken! I feel like you regarding the optics by the way - for the price of the scope, the difference in price moving from 1/6 to 1/10 makes the 1/10 seem like the one to go for. When does yours arrive?
  16. No, I reckon I can cope with manual tracking, so Nexus should be fine. Manual finding is another matter, however!
  17. ...i think you've convinced me Richard - the Sumerians look a fair bit lighter and as you say the exchange rate makes them pretty attractive at the moment (once I "hedge" my sterling-euro exchange rate risk!). They look beautiful, too! Which OO mirror did you go for - 1:6 1:8 or 1:10?
  18. Yes...they do look very, very nice! I quite like the look of the Alkaid, as well. The only think that put me off a little bit was how exposed the primary mirror is, although I guess a shroud would cure that pretty quickly. Out of interest, Scooot, what made you go for a Sumerian as opposed to another premium Dob manufacturer, and why the Canopus over the Alkaid? If I can understand your thought process it might help me make up my mind what to do!
  19. It's a double door, so should be no problem there. I'd thought about a purely manual solution, but to be brutally honest I'm just too lazy and get frustrated too easily to learn any serious star-hopping! I've got used to Sky Safari on the iPad with my CpC 800, hooked up through a serial to wifi box, so wanted to keep that functionality for the new push-to scope - hence thinking about the nexus system, which seems to have a good reputation? And thanks for the Paracorr tip umadog (quietly adjusts budget without wife noticing to include more Televue kit!)
  20. Thanks umadog. I've been thinking about what I'd really like out of the next scope, and where it's going to be kept and used as you suggested. It'll be in an unheated "log cabin" right next to the deck I'll be using for observing, so I should have few problems either with cool down time or with wheeling the scope out (I've just caught on to the idea of wheelbarrow handles for large dobs, and they look like they'll be just the ticket for moving the thing from cabin to deck). Very occasionally I might want to put the scope in the car to head off to a properly dark site, but it's a big car and I
  21. Thanks chaps - yes, I was just looking at the weight of these things and you're dead right that, given the limited time I have to observe, anything that's too heavy is just going to put me off getting the thing set up. So I think a 12" is indeed probably the way to go. I'm now thinking about getting one from David Lukehurst with the nexus encoders etc fitted, although that will take me a while longer to save up for...thanks for the advice!
  22. Hello all After a bit of a break due to new job, moving house etc, I've managed to get the tackle out again and put in some observing hours, which I'm really enjoying. The new place is in a pretty dark spot, and last night I found myself wondering what all those lovely Messiers would look like in a bigger scope...a common affliction, I believe! Given that I have limited set-up and observing time, I think I've settled on a 14" push-to Dob - 14" because it should be a meaningful step up from my 8" Celestron, should still just about be one-man portable (I think I'd struggle with the extra weight
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