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  1. Has anyone called Gina an "old washerwoman" yet? (That's old washers, not old woman). I've finally got my EQ8 on the mount after waiting an age for Astro Engineering to come up with a suitable adapter plate for my AE pier. In the end I bought one from Ian King imaging and it fitted without any modification. Now all I need is some clear skies (and free time) to use the blasted thing. It certainly looks the business in my observatory though.
  2. I've paid up and am awaiting delivery. Unfortunately it looks like I'll be away for a week ot two just after I get it.
  3. I am really interested in how you have implemented this because I am planning something similar for my off-the-shelf Pulsar 2.7m dome. I forked out for the Rigel rotation system (vastly overpriced but I'm time poor and don't have kids). I was looking to use an Arduino over ethernet to trigger the wireless rotation from my warm room and use a magnetometer to get the azimuth of the shutter. After that I was considering a scope mounted webcam to visually check that the shutter was in the right place but also thinking about computing the desired azimuth of the dome by somehow reading the RA and dec from the ASCOM settings and computing the correct position with additional input from position sensors to ensure that the OTA was more or less centred in the shutter slit. The next problem is how to motorise the shutter. The Pulsar system seems to use dual rope and pulley systems but I was wondering about a central belt drive, perhaps from a modified garage door opener.
  4. I used the same thin neoprene sheet to make a shield for my Skywatcher 300, I just used two layers stuck together with spray adhesive. However, when I stuck the two pieces together I wrapped the first one round the tube so that the finished sandwich has a natural curl to it which matches the tube.
  5. I have a Pulsar 2.7m dome and was wondering if anyone else had motorised the shutter opening/closing?
  6. I have a large Newtonian with a NEQ6 tripod mount and am 99% certain of building an observatory/shed this summer. I would like to install a pier of some kind and would be grateful for advice of what sort and what type of fixing/top-plate to install bearing in mind that I might want to upgrade to something bigger like a large catadioptric should my investments pay off.
  7. Singlin, you need to divide the seconds by 60 to get decimal minutes. So 45° 53'37.0'' = 45° 53.617' N 07° 37'30.4'' = 07° 37.507' E
  8. What can I say, but wow. Impressive stuff.
  9. I went to the Stargazing live event at Glyndwr University. The site is right next door to Wrexham FC who were having a home game under floodlights. Talk about bad planning.
  10. On BBC News last night Huw Edwards said that astrologers all over Britain were getting out their telescopes