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  1. If only it was on Android
  2. Congratulations a beast of a scope. Big enough to keep you viewing for a lifetime Now bring on the clear skies... Atleast until your dob arrives .
  3. I had pretty much the same questions when looking to get my first scope... Guess what I ended up buying. Yup the skywatcher 200p dob. It fits the bill perfectly and it is such an amazing scope.
  4. Where do I put the milk bottle washer? underneath the washer on the central bolt ontop of the dob base? Just want to try the free solutions before paying any money to sort out the smoothness
  5. I bought a skywatcher 200p a few weeks ago and only been able to use it a few times (damn clouds) But I find the mount rotation a little too stiff, it rotates but only with quite alot of force. It would be nice to be able to spin it with a little less force. Is there anything I can do/add to the mount to help with this? Thanks
  6. Same here Ganymede12 We both bought the same scope same week, Ive not had a clear night with it yet. When it is clear Im usually away from the scope
  7. I usually lurk round the Beginners, Astro Lounge and the member reviews. Its so interesting to see the different experiences each person has with different telescopes
  8. I saw this exact scope in Sports Direct yesterday! With quite a few people looking at buying them too. Its a shame if its so bad it kills any interest that someone has, hoping that the scope will deliver.
  9. Always great to hear kids taking an interest in astronomy, so many wonders to be seen out there. Although your wallet might not have such a good time if they get hooked.
  10. So of course when you are able to observe, its cloudy every night. When you go to a party, its perfectly clear and crisp. So after getting back from the party (had a bit of cider) I see jupiter is up. Not had a chance to see it in my new Skywatcher 200p Dob yet. Quickly stumble around to get the scope out the front of the house on the pathway. I plonk in the scope down quickly get jupiter in the finder (already see 4 moons) and whack in the standard 25mm. What a sight! Even with the full moon glaring above me and the road in the direction of jupiter lit up with sodium street lights. Scope not
  11. Congrats on a cracking scope Lets hope those clouds stay at bay
  12. +4 is it? For the olympus 10x50, I bought some before buying my 200p dob and I still use them for the exact reason you want some! They are a very good price for the quality that you get.
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