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  1. 1a and 2b sounds like it could be promising, but then again the mount was beeping twice which is nmeant to mean it is tracking. Maybe if I turn the tracking off - guessing by pressing 1a and 2b together so it beeps once, then turn it off. Then level the mount at 0 degrees, aim north, turn on, set to the north star/52degrees, press 2b and 3c, find an object, centre it then press 1a and 2b then see what happens? Does anyone know a decent object I can look at that will fly out of the fov fairly quickly though? (As the moon has gone from my garden now)
  2. Hi, just tried that method tonight on the moon and the tracking still does not work. Very frustrating
  3. As the title says - Mercury on November 1st is quite a long way away from the sun, even visible in darkness for a small period of time during the morning, then it is a good distance away from the sun before sunrise. I live in Stevenage and I am really not sure how to go about getting a glimpse of it. I would like to take a photo but it will only be a simple one with a digital camera. Does anyone have any tips on how to view it? I think it is from 6degrees (when it is dark in the morning) up to 14 degrees above the horizon. The weather forecast is good too for Friday night through to Saturday
  4. Oh, yeah that sounds about right Thank you. I'll let you know how it goes
  5. So no buttons need to be pressed to set the tracking speed?
  6. Hello all, Here are some photos of Uranus taken with my mobile phone camera I used to take photos of planets with my mobile phone a couple of years ago before I learnt how to properly image with the webcam. I will be imaging Uranus and Neptune hopefully at some point in the near future if the skies ever clear for a period of time.......... can people tell me what are the best ones? You can make out a greeny blue colour in most of them, but there are a couple to show people the variation in colour.
  7. Haha. It did surprise me when I had no funny answers. I managed to see uranus friday night/sat morning in a 14inch telescope at x250 I took a photo on my mobile phone, I'll upload it at some point
  8. Thanks for trying to help, I will try it again being as I've got nothing to lose. So I will do this: Put the mount level and at 0, then use the button to move it to 51, then press the set lattitude button. I think the problem I may be having is that I am not pressing a tracking speed. But I thought it would do that automatically being as the lattitude is set. Thanks, that camera tripod looks good, perfect for what I'd like to use it for Thank you everyone else for the help
  9. I wish it was that simple! I've done that countless number of times
  10. I thought to get the virtusso to work, you aimed it at polaris making sure it was level then switched it on. But the tracking doesn't work, I'm not bothered about that, I haven't been able to get it working 5 months now so I've just given up with it The protractor idea is a very good one!
  11. No it didn't track before with the lighter telescope. I would like help with moving it up and down to the right degree, its really helpful for harder to find planets and stuff
  12. I would be looking at second hand or as cheap as possible really
  13. Oh okay Can you recommend a tripod that my 127 mak and 9x50 finder scope can be mounted to easily? Also do tripods with the numbers at the side for the degrees exist?
  14. I don't think I would be using the tracking, as I havenever been able to get it to work. The main thing I need is the circles on the right so I can see what angle I am at. I dont mind if I can only attach the 127mak on a L bracket with the 9x50 finder scope. I just need the degrees on the right
  15. My phone doesn't support any apps that work like that. The ebay link just looks like it would be a bit of hassle for me to use. Thanks anyway though I just like being able to look at what number the arrow is pointing to on the dial then scan the part of sky I need to look at. It just seems so much easier to have it on the right next to the telescope with a arrow on it.
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