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  1. Amazes me how many people put up with **** parts even to the extent of thinking that it's okay to have to purchase new one's from different manufacturers. I won't accept 'it's built for a price', if that's the case then don't bother with full colour packaging, printed manuals, CD's, etc. Things that aren't needed. Use that saving in improving items like the finderscope and tripod.
  2. How do I know what direction to turn the focuser ?
  3. Hi all, I have my MS Lifecam Cinema HD in it's housing connected to my Celestron 127 SLT, laptop and Sharpcap running. I've centered M42 in my EP then swapped the EP for the camera. The laptop screen is completely dark. Any ideas as to what I need to do? Thanks Daz
  4. Yes. A little bit of a cryptic title but let's assume that on setting up during the day I focus with an EP an object, say half a mile away, and replace the EP with my MS Lifecam Cinema HD webcam in it's Billet's adaptor, run SharpCap, would I turn the focus knob clockwise or anti-clockwise?
  5. This is where I get confused between a codec and a driver!
  6. Issue is Gary Honis suggest disabling the driver which means no other capture software recognises the fact that I have a camera plugged in!
  7. I was reading Gary Honis guide a few minutes ago in order to get 30 fps. I have the Huffy codec but he suggests uninstalling the MS driver (I haven't actually installed any software that came with the camera, my laptop seems to have added the driver automatically). If I uninstall the MS driver then software such as Sharpcap doesn't even recognise the fact that I've got a camera plugged in.....all very confusing!
  8. Hi all, I received my Lifecam Cinema HD camera today and hopefully will get the Billet adaptor tomorrow. The scope (Celestron 127SLT) will hopefully arrive on Monday. I've read so many posts on so many forums about drivers, capture software, etc. that I've tied myself into a knot and need someone's help to untie me! Can someone please point me in the right direction as to what drivers, capture software, codec's , etc. I need in order to get the best out of what I've got? Thanks Daz
  9. Oh. I stupidly thought that a webcam could be 'plugged' in to the GOTO system and be used to align the scope like the new Celestron Skyprodigy range!
  10. But different EP's give different magnifications!
  11. Without an EP, how does the scope magnify. I've very confused.
  12. So you remove the EP, insert your webcam without its lens and fire it up. How does it magnify the image?
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