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  1. Hi Guys, As ever I am still trying to get things together to attend one of your local meets. In the mean time I've have a moment of weakness and ordered. Skywatcher AZ-EQ6GT plus rings and bar for my SW 250px OTA USB EQMOD cable Hitecastro DC focus I've been doing dob imaging using an EQ platform and my 130p goto but really wanted to step it up having got a ZWO 120MM and LRGB filters for Xmas. If any of the South Wales guys are interested ( a local pickup ) I'm going to get rid of the EQ platform Hope to get to meet you all sometime Cheers Fuzzy
  2. That's fantastic advice. Hadn't crossed my mind. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the great input every one , as ever filled with experience. I'm 95% on for the asi120mc and I'll look at other ways to improve my process. Barlow, flip mirror, etc Cheers everyone
  4. Thank. I had been thinking of one but was concerned by the 80mm added, which could be too much.
  5. Then you realize you've said certainly one too many time
  6. Wow, many thanks Harvey , that certainly gives me some perspective. A new camera with some extra hardware certainly seems to be the way forward
  7. Thanks, I did think it was pushing things a bit. A lower Barlow is also on my list
  8. Thanks for the advice. Now the 127 is ruled out I'm thinking that I'll improve my camera etc. and see how I get on, then add an EQ mount to complete the setup. then like you said see what the future brings Many thanks for the advice
  9. Thanks for the link. I think this definitely gives me the urge to go with the mono camera and filters
  10. My main difficulty is getting the target in view in the first place, keeping it there during capture is a balancing act
  11. I was hoping that would be the case but it was whether a Goto Mak 127 would out perform an eq mounted 250 Dob? I think the answers are starting to come into view
  12. Thanks. From memory I think this was around 2000 frames. I manually adjusted the Eq mount speed to counteract any drift. I think I was pushing things a little with a Revelation 5x barlow. It did take a little practice but it was fun.
  13. This is about as good as I got recently. I think I can get better as this was from my garden, and I don't think I wholly nailed everything.
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