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  1. Hi all, I have just received my 127 skaymax on the goto mount and wanted to look into a better source of power than eating my way through the duracell factory..... I've seen that there is a skywatcher 'powertank' but also people recommending just an ordinary 'leisure battery' and that it must be deep cycle etc. Any advice on what would best? I am only wanting to run the scope so there wont be much in the way of high consumption. Would one of these batteries, (maybe a 70AH deep cycle leisure battery) with bog standard croc clips to a cigaraette lighter holder, then to the scope be sufficien
  2. The motors arent included unfortunately, I suppose they could be added at a later date...... its been offered for £350 at the moment.
  3. Thanks mate, the one I am looking at is actually the one in the photo above, is that the decent mount you refer to?
  4. As pic below, Ive been trying to do some reading and wonder what this scope would be like as a 2nd hand purchase? Its on the vixen EQ mount - anyone have one of these scopes or should I avoid it like the plaque? What would a reasonable 2nd hand price be? Thanks all
  5. I use Aperture on all my mac's and i find it runs better than photoshop - plus the plug-ins are generally better integrated. Photoshop gets all the 'headlines' when it comes to photoediting software, sometimes rightly, sometimes its over priced for what you may need from it. Unless you are a SERIOUS image manipulator then it can be a very expensive bit of software. If you are desperate to get the adobe buzz though, then i'd look at photoshop elements and/or lightroom. Even better if you know a student or a teacher and you can save a ton - in that case I'd get photoshop PURELY for the savin
  6. Ha ha, I'll have to have a think, the skywatcher does come with a finderscope as opposed to a red dot so that might be an advantage
  7. whats the celestron version like compared to the skwatcher? http://www.f1telesco...?id=2009&level=
  8. I was starting to sway more towards the Mak after a bit of deliberation, as I will be keeping the Newt and its still a nice scope, and from what I know, at least the with the Mak I will be getting something 'a bit different' opposed to a frac - same focal length, f/no etc.... Is there much difference to warrant the money between the 102 mak and the 127?
  9. seems like a bit of a waste of money then doesnt it! Out of the choices of the other 2 Goto's, I like the Mak as its more compact and probably easier to transport etc, but the cool down time is a pain for grab and go. The frac would be nice for wide views i imagine. Out of interest, they say they have a camera attachment, i assume for fast high ISO short exposures, they might be ok? Well, the frac anyway with its lower f/ no
  10. Hi all I have resigned myself to the fact that astrophotography is well out of my budget for now - in that the MIN mount I would want is a EQ5/HEQ5 - money simply isnt that forthcoming, So, i want to get back to enjoying plain old visually... I currently have a skywatcher 130PM on an EQ2 mount - which shakes like anything is so much as a gust...... I have been offered an ED80 OTA only (with guidescope) for £300 and was wondering if this is worth thinking about to mount on the EQ2 or will be just as bad, or if it is even a good deal for 'future proofing'? I would have to buy the diagonal thou
  11. Hi Chris, My mod was quite simple after doing all the reading. I removed the lens as shown and utilitised the thread within the unit to fit the webcam adpater that screws straight into it. The only thing I didnt do, but can easily was to 'disable' the LED's as I am yet to be convinced by others comments that it has any impact on the image. I might be wrong!!!!!!
  12. I've been wanting to get into AP for a while and asked the same question on here not too long ago, and honestly, the advice given is spot on!! My scope is only on an EQ2 and after being out just trying to observe tonight with a reasonable wind, it was shaking like a sh*****g dog! I can't imagine expecting ANY sort of imaging from using this mount and have resigned myself to either saving up for minimum EQ5 or just getting maybe an EQ3/goto to enjoy observing and knocking imaging DSO's on the head as it seems to be a prelude to open wallet surgery! I've just modded an xbox camera that cost £
  13. Hi James, thanks for the advice, thats exactly what I tried to begin with actually. Same idea with photography, ramp up the ISO just to be able to focus on something then reset it to 'normal'. I think I will wait until the moon is up next and begin with a bit bigger target!!! If I may ask, I assume I begin capturing in starcap and then need a piece of software called 'registax'?
  14. Thanks mate, its probably just been being a dumbo and not getting the blumming thing in view!!! I assume I am doing the right thing and that the webcam goes straight into the scope with NO eyepieces and use the focuser on the scope to focus?
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