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  1. Hey all, I had another try at Jupiter this evening, I managed to get a 2x sw barlow hooked up to the camera (1100d) thanks to some good advice from the ep section I got a much better image size to work with and Jupiter fills the live view screen which is awesome! It's still really hard to get the focus 100% though, and I have to be like Neo to keep Jupiter in the frame lol. The seeing was pretty poor tonight, low fog and patchy cloud, so im looking forward to the next outing even if I already know it's gonna be a challenge hehe. The views are stunning, point and shoot, it's just the imaging t
  2. It was a good show and will hopefully get more people into it. I wasn't blown away with the content, but there were some really funny moments! I enjoyed back to earth, although Brian talked alot I think it was because some of the guests were nervous.
  3. Kewl, let us know how you get on Darrent Regards, Ant.
  4. Hey thanks again, I had a fiddle with it last evening and found that I needed to use all of the 1.25 ep holder, not just the bit that unscrews. I was hoping to get out this morning and checkout Saturn and Venus, but i've left it too late. Might have a couple of hours of patchy weather this evening fingers crossed
  5. Ah thanks guys, yeah I did get a 2x sw barlow, I tryed attaching it to the 1.25 ep holder the other evening, but couldn't seem to get it to fit the tube correctly.. It does screw together with the 1.25 ep holder and fits the T-ring on my 1100d but doesn't sit in the tube correctly. I'll have another fiddle with it in daytime hours, perhaps I missed something thank you.
  6. Hey folks, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend a Barlow that will attach to my Canon 1100d T-ring for use with a SW200p? I've looked into the Baader hyperion zoom eyepiece but don't fancy spending £200+ right now.. Just a basic 1-2x Barlow would be great.. Any ideas would be much appreciated Regards, Ant.
  7. Great work man, thats really fantastic!
  8. That was the first setup out of the box, I've fiddled with everything since, it seems okay when I go through setup checks, but depends where im pointing it. Nice pics of Jupiter, did you have tracking for those images? Regards, Ant.
  9. Ah man that is lovely! wish I could get that much detail
  10. Ooh I'd really think carefully.. Have you seen one in the flesh on this mount? I shouldn't upgrade this mount as it's already at it's limits when my dslr is on as well.. Im not sure if the new 200p comes with the upgraded focuser does it? it's about £100 to upgrade. It's hard work to do DSO's without auto guiding, if im honest i've only had sub optimal results so far, certainly nothing worth posting yet, but im also putting that down to lack of knowledge. Live view on the 1100d only gives 10x zoom and with the stock focuser on the 200p, I can't get prime focus easily, so it's trial and error w
  11. Hehe, yeah its big and can be a pain in the ass since I only have half the things I should have with this setup for it to be perfect.. It's fantastic for viewing everything, I really can't complain in that department at all! I can imagen that if I got some proper pro ep's i'd be even more blown away! I did start with this setup, call me spoilt, but if you have the money and wanna enjoy something, you might as well start on the right foot and build on it over time, that was my plan. It's what I see that keeps me interested, I could have bought a smaller setup with all the fancy extras, but I wa
  12. Some pics of my 200p on the Eq5 for ya.. Regards, Ant.
  13. The 200p and EQ5 without tracking has been a huge learning curve for me and even more so when hooking up my dslr. I have to agree tho, the 200p on the EQ5 can be a real challenge, but i've like a challenge! It makes the small results that much more rewarding It certainly is a hobbie that can keep you poor, but only if you get frustrated easily. I've been kept busy for a whole year and learnt tons, only now im ready for an upgrade. (Crayford Focuser and EQ6 on the wanted list).. If you know it's a hobbie you'll enjoy year in year out and you want to take some serious pictures, spend the money
  14. I'm looking forward to my first early morning session, hopefully I'll be able to get my first look at Saturn with my own eyes! Hope for good weather this week! Must be great being your own boss
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