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  1. I'm looking to take photo's through my telescope and am looking for some sort of adapter.... I would be taking photos of the moon and video's (for stacking) of planets, etc. With both a digital camera and smartphone. What would I need? Not sure where to look. Thanks.
  2. Looked like I was on a different planet when I saw that. 2 Planets and the moon all in the same area. All I needed was an orange landscape.
  3. I have an 8" scope and can't see Andromeda. Orion Nebulae remained a fuzzy blob, as it was with my 3" scope. I had an ok time last night, as I got a few different clusters on, just by moving the scope around and finding them. I live next to a motorway, between Manchester and Liverpool.
  4. I need one of those small ring adapters to go on the focuser of my 8" skywatcher dobsonian, so that I can fit the smaller 6mm lense from my old 3" telescope. I do currently have one, but need to buy one for use on the 3" telescope which I gave to someone. If anyone knows what they're called and where I can find them, it'd be a great help. Cheers.
  5. The 200P Skywatcher is an ideal price for most people. The 10" is something like £600 so it was a bit over the top for me. I just wish I could see more with mine. Planetary views are dissapointing, but the view of the moon is great.
  6. Jonny

    hi all...

    Someone needs to work out what % of light is lost on street lighting and work out the total UK cost. I'm sure the electric would be better used lighting homes and such.
  7. Glad they're doing that, but for the wrong reasons (CO2 emissions?). I guess government agendas always come first.
  8. Video's like this: leave me wondering if im doing the right thing. That video was taken through an 8 inch scope and yet it has 10x more detail than through mine. :/
  9. I'm good with an image program. Not Photoshop, but I could have a go? Give me some basic ideas and other images and I can work on one.
  10. Fans of Total Recall will agree ^ We have to find the reactor.
  11. So it's entirely possible to create many large optical telescopes and use aperture synthesis to get better images of things like stars.
  12. I'm still getting to grips with my 200p Skywatcher. Views of Jupiter are ok but are very blurry and are afflicted with red/blue on either side of the object. I can only make out 2 bands of brown and some extremely minor detail (as I have good eyes) in 25mm lense, the 10mm and 6mm lense shows jupiter as a blob with 2 brown bands and thats all I can see. I have been assured that an 8" should be capable of much more.... I await a diagnosis. P.S When you view the moon, don't view it when it is full and bright, as I almost blinded myself doing just that. It'll take your breath away when you see the craters on it.
  13. What is the technique known as when several radio telescopes are used to create a large aperture telescope? Not sure of its name or how it works.
  14. Sounds a bit New World Order-ish. But yeah. Colonies on Mars would be a huge step forward as we're running out of space on Earth. As for finding Aliens, what are you going to do when you find them? Can't travel there and say hello. The only thing you could do is fire radio transmissions at them and hope they have the technology to pick them up.
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