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  1. Sorry guys but a bit of a newbie question. The tripod in the link has a mount attached to it in the picture hasn't it? and if i purchased it, it wouldn't come with that mount attached would it?
  2. Hi all, Just went to do a spot of stargazing and was bringing everything back in when the telescope toppled over onto a wooden floor :-( Somehow lucky the mirrors seem to be intact though they need collimating again. However the tripod is absolutely smashed to bits. Been looking around and cant find a tripod that doesnt come with a eq3 mount. I have a skywatcher 150p. Does anyone know where I could get a tripod only that will fit my mount?? Bad times
  3. My religion for me, always remember going to temple when I was little and hearing prayers stating the the universe is to big for humans to comprehend, which got me thinking. Then as a kiddy used to watch stargate a lot. Then when I graduated and got a steady job bought my first telescope!
  4. yayyy The whole telescope producing the image upside threw me a bit when looking at the belt which was why I couldn't find it at first. A bit like independence day when will smith goes to fly the spaceship for the first time. Such an amazing hobby!
  5. Evening fellow space peeps I had my first go at trying to find the orion nebula through my skywatcher 150p. After about 20 mins I managed to find something which looked like 3 stars close together in a triangle covered by what looked like a finger print mark or smudge. Also within the eye piece i saw 3 stars in a near straight line, right next to it. Was it the orion nebula or just a random assortment of stars? Many thanks
  6. I've made my first purchase, its a x2 tal barlow. Still pondering what else but a drive would be nice. Thanks for the suggestions!
  7. Hi all, Just been given a rare end of year bonus of £500 and I've decided to blow it all on astronomy gear, but I have no idea what to get. At the moment I have: Skywatcher 150p BST 8mm SP900nc webcam I'm more into my planets than DSOs, can anyone advise me or put me on to a path to something please? Thanks!
  8. Hi guys an gals, I'm looking for a cheap web cam + adapter to put in my skywatcher 150p. I've scrolled through past threads and all the recommended webcams have become retired and no longer made. Another problem is that it needs to be mac compatible. Could any of you fine people recommend me some please? Thanks!
  9. Ebay from skies_unlimited. Bloke does a fantastic service.
  10. I was in the same shoes as you last week and I plumped for a 8mm BST. I couldn't be more happy with it. Tried it with the barlow that came with the 150p when looking at Jupiter and it wasn't over magnified like I feared it would be, just about managed to focus it.
  11. Cheers hemihaggis 8mm bst it is then, the most useful scotch man I've ever spoken to!
  12. Thanks for the reply, maybe I'll just get the 8mm for now and then try it with my existing barlow. Is the difference between the SW barlow and the tal barlow noticeable?
  13. Hey peoples, I'm looking to upgrade my ep for my skywatcher 150p. At the moment I have the 2x barlow, 10mm and 25mm that comes with it standard. At the moment when I look at Jupiter for example, I see a grey/silver image with a couple of faint bands. By upgrading my eyepieces I'm hoping to see a bit more colour, so that when I look at Jupiter i see a browny glow. By searching through past threads I've come to a semi conclusion that I need to invest in a 8mm BST explorer and a 2x Barlow. Would someone be able to tell me if the above combination would allow me to see a colourful planet?
  14. Has anyone had any experience of barlow lens' from Ebay? I'm guessing they won't be very good but the ones like below are quite cheap, would they be worth a punt? Barlow lens, 3x magnification, 1.25" fitting | eBay
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