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  1. I've done it!! After many helpful, positive comments fro you lot, I've just got back from picking my scope and all my gear from the ex's. Do i have to contend with cloud cover for the next few weeks? As it's kinda like having a new scope all over again! tho this time i didn't have to open the box!!! Jon:iamwithstupid:
  2. even more great messages, thanyou all, am lookinf forward to getting her back!
  3. Thanks to everyone for all the positivity:) I'm going to arrange to go pick my scope and gear up next week, (along with whatever else she's bagged up for me!) I've ear marked a corner in the shed for my kit so it all stays safe until i'm ready to set her back up:) I'm glad i've taken the 1st step back into active forum use, we really are a friendly bunch:hello2: I look forward to badgering you all with questions again in the, hopefully, not too distant future! Many thanks again, really do appreciate it:) Now, about this street light..........
  4. not sure if this is the right place to post this, but i am a beginner and i do need help/advice, so my apologies mods if this is the wrong place, just need to get this down somewhere!! i've not posted for a while now, some of you may remember me as the patient guy who waited for a month to open my new 200p dob for my 30th, a gift from the (then) mrs! We've consequently broken up:( and because of this, i seem to have lost all enthusiasm for the subject, i was sat outside the other night looking up staring at an essentially blank canvas, i didn't know what i was looking at! the scope is still all fine and being looked after, tho it's at her place not being used, i've found myself in a much more polluted back garden! Now i've considered ebaying the scope because it's always going to remind me of what to date, has been a pretty savage break_up, though i equally know that i'll regret selling it. The astronomy bug/scope was always going to be my release having given up drinking and smoking, i needed something to do with my time as i'm sure some of you understand! i always thought that it'd be something me and my boy, all be ie when he's a bit older could enjoy together, now i find myself witha glass of red and a fag struggling to come to terms with life as a "weekend dad". Please help, all thoughts on the subject will be much appreciated!! Jon X:iamwithstupid:
  5. Have read a fair bit about the various mods that i can do to improve the base, the setting circle + wixey does seem like something within my capabilities!! I've read that the numbers round the base need to read anti clockwise, is this true and why??!! Sorry so many questions, just need to figure it all in my head before i do anything rash!!
  6. Tonight I've spent quite some time trying to find m81/82 in ursa major, I've got TL@O by my side so am determined to succeed. Only problem is trying to use the finder to look directly above me, as i beginner it's enough of a challenge trying to think inverted let alone twisting myself into unnatural shapes!! I've heard good things about the telrad finder and do intend to purchase one, but would i not be in the same position trying to view the zenith?? How do you get round this?? All help appreciated:) jon:iamwithstupid:
  7. Evening All!! I've just returned to the warmth after my first proper night with my new dob, I must say that I couldn't have made a better choice, (with much help from here!!) Im very happy:hello2:! Just wish I didn't have an early start and I could still be out there! Beautiful, if windy on the south coast! My question is this... How should i store my scope on coming back indoors?? I've not cleared a spot in the garage yet so it's coming indoors with me, but is it ok to leave it on the base and in the vertical position?? I replaced all the dust caps whilst outside, just don't want to do anything untoward!! Thanks for the help jon:iamwithstupid:
  8. Well he's at least progressed from trying to eat it!!
  9. Thanks for all the messages folks, i guess the patience thing will see me in good stead with this weather we're having!! Northgate, I've only got the supplied ep's at the mo, i was considering the 8mm BST, but my sensible side kicked in and brought a couple of thing's i'll need instead of wanting!! I've brought a cheshire collimator and a flight case from maplins for bits + pieces!! I'll get to know my gear before i start throwing more money around!! And JamesM, re the toys, thats pretty much what the Mrs said!! In all seriousness, i think my gear is going to be stowed in the garage, having a 19month son, my place is already a good advert for toys r us! Clear skies to all!!
  10. Well, the month of staring at the boxes finally came to an end yesterday, I'm the newest member of the dob appreciation society! Very pleased! But, as promised, clouds and rain have truly been released! And what makes it all the worse, saturday night was perfect where i am, and since the Spurs didn't do me any favours, spent some time looking for meteors! Did bag a couple!! Anyway, here it is, my shiny new dob:) will have to update my signature !
  11. So.... Exactly how high do you intend to set the bar?! Hats off to you for this set:icon_salut:
  12. Appreciate the help, thankyou!! Though it would be a long way off!
  13. SpaceMonkey777


    Welcome! You've definatley found the right place for friendly helpfull advice!
  14. Just a quick one! I was wondering if anybody could tell me whether the NEQ6 mount would be suitable for the 200p dob ota if i wanted to upgrade in the future?? with a possible view to imaging?? I'd understand if it wasn't, it is a beast!! Thanks in advance Jon:iamwithstupid:
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