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  1. That's the plan for tonight Pete, if there's a clear sky. I can't be the only one that's seen it. Cheers.
  2. This light is in the sky-no buildings in sight. It's a twin flash either side of an object? at approximately one minute intervals. It starts at dusk and carries on throughout the night. Cheers
  3. Thanks John, but its not a plane. It's white and it's in the same place every night and it doesn't move. I'll take another look at the position of Arcturus, Steve. Cheers.
  4. For the past two weeks I've been watching a flashing light in the western sky. In my ignorance I thought it was the I.S.S. Any ideas?
  5. 'New planet beyond Pluto pushes back final frontier' Newly discovered object-2012 VP113, 80 times farther from the Sun than the Earth and discovered in the Oort cloud. Planet's diameter is said to be 280 miles which would qualify it as a dwarf planet.
  6. Mine's called Sir Patrick-obvious really!
  7. The skies over my part of the Black Country are clearer now our enlightened Council have destroyed the orange uplights and replaced them with a blue glow. I'll willingly join your star-gazing gang but in name only as I'd hate to show my ignorance!
  8. The dog got me up at 3a.m-She must have known it was a clear sky. Then of course I couldn't resist stargazing until the dawn chorus. Feeling tired now though and the dog's snoring.
  9. My back garden's a long way from Mt Teide but Saturday morning at 6a.m observing Gemini about five whizzed past at an unbelievable speed. Breathtaking in the black country!
  10. Don't give up! I can't get out of the house but I got a second-hand Celestron and open the bedroom window. The view is restricted but I think within a year most of the western sky will pass me by! Keep looking.
  11. Not many other hobbies you deliberately get up at 5 a.m, put on your wooly hat, two jumpers and go wow! at little white dots millions of miles away. Vin
  12. Hats off to BBC Four! Didn't scare me with technology but wowed me with facts. Vin
  13. Go for it! I've just completed the OU 'Introducing Astronomy' course and the maths scared me as its .....years since I touched an abacus let alone a calculator but I certainly enjoyed it.
  14. Thanks for the advice-I think I'm just new to this game-only had the telescope since Christmas and you're probably right -I need to keep tinkering. If I get stuck I know who to ask. Cheers!
  15. Thanks for all your replies-Northern Soul Man I'm in Walsall-Is that too far for you to travel? Cheers.
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