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  1. Hi folks its been many years since I was last on this site, tragically we moved and my scope got packed away and in the process tripod broken - so I've decided to have a go again at star gazing, but obviously need a new tripod. My setup is very basic - a starwatcher Refractor scope D102 and I think the mount is an EQ1. Both scope and mount are fine but obviously just need tripod. Can anyone advise as to whether I could purchase a more substantial tripod than the original aluminium one that broke - and any recommendations if so? Whatever tripod I get does it have to be mount specific?I really d
  2. Just a heads up for anyone wanting a GoTo :-) Celestron Nexstar SLT on eBay
  3. Wow - that's great - many thanks Ron
  4. Sorry, I'll re-post the piccy. Really reduced the file size to get it in. Al
  5. Am moving to Kendal at the end of this month - are there any clubs/socs in this area? Al
  6. Hi Davie - I stay in Old Aberdeen, just off the Ellon Road, so literally just down the road from you. Though sadly not for too much longer as we're wending our way soon down to Kendal and the Lake District. I'm already totally hooked by my stargazing efforts! Regards, AL
  7. Just saw this through the bedroom window - and with clouds threatening I just stuck the mobile phone out of the window and took a quick snap. Am so looking forward to getting some more of Venus and the Moon in the coming days. AL
  8. Hi, my name is AL and I'm new to star gazing. Currently living in Aberdeen, but moving to Kendal in the Lake District very soon. I have a Skywatcher Startravel 102 refractor scope with a EQ3-2 mount and dual-axis motors... oh yes, mustn't forget that I also have and am messing about with a Philips SNC900 webcam, so am hoping to be able to grab some images. Looking forward to listening and learning, and hopefully participating in the lounge!
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