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  1. Kingolian

    Skywatcher eq5 goto.

    Don't suppose this is still for sale?
  2. Kingolian

    A few more things

    Really nice pictures with the camera. What scope are you using?
  3. Kingolian

    Celestron Nexstar SE 5 Mount & Celestron C5.

    Where about a are you martian?
  4. Kingolian

    Celestron Nexstar SE 5 Mount & Celestron C5.

    Do you still have this thanks
  5. Kingolian

    Which scope to buy

    Thanks Billy much appreciated think I will start at the mount
  6. Kingolian

    Which scope to buy

    Out of the goto scopes what would you suggest for bang for buck? There's so many to choose from its beginning take over my uni work
  7. Kingolian

    Which scope to buy

    I will have to look into a local astronomy club but that is a valid point. Thanks for that I'll check that thread out now
  8. Kingolian

    Which scope to buy

    Thanks for the reply. Astrophotography isn't my main aim I do mainly just want to observe sorry if with all I said it came across as that. I want to be able to observe a wide range of things probably more so nebula and DSO
  9. I'm having trouble picking a new scope i have had a celestron reflector before on a eq mount about 8 year back and I didn't give myself enough time to get used to it before selling due to work commitments. I'm now wanting to purchase a good intimidiate scope as I have a lot more time on my hands and I've created a short list from what I have found through second hand scopes. I want to be able to view the planets but also DSO, also I'm purchasing a camera like the neximage 5 or similar varient to do some beginner level astrophotography. The first scope is is the Bresser Messier AR - 152 S/760 Refractor the reviews I read on the sky at night website was really good but from what I read on Google about refractors the info points more towards reflectors or catadioptric scopes. With that in mind I've been looking at the celestron 4se, 5se, C5 or the C6 the Meade etx equivalent. I've also seen a few skywatcher models but unsure which one to go for as I've don't know much about them possibly the 127 ? Sorry for the amount of info but your knowledge would be more than appreciated thank you in advance o do like the idea of a go-to mount but if that's where most of the cost goes then I would do with out to beef my viewing power so to speak.

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