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  1. Hi I have the same telescope where did you get the eyepieces thanks
  2. Hi my HR 20mm eyepiece has been damamaged, I got with with a jessops relflector telescope. where can I get a replacement? and do I have to get a HR named one or is that just a trade name. thanks
  3. i am a starter and just reading my philips 2012 night sky there is a metore shower due on these dates. does anyone out there know if it is in the north or south sky ?
  4. Thanks for all your advice.. unfortunatley we cant return the scope because I have thrown the box away! however I will follow everyones advice . It may that I am not focusing correctly, I really am a complete novice and need a guide for dummies... So perhaps this scope is the best one for me! I have noticed that the stand is not very stable/great already, however I will not let this aspect put me off..
  5. Hello The reason my wife brought me a "kids" telescope (which it isnt advertised as such: it is aimed at teenagers and beginners such as myself) is so that I could start this hobby with my grandson and then progress to a better telescope, as my grandson is not an adult nor teenager this seemed the perfect gift. Thankyou for your advice..
  6. My wife has bought me a how cool is that tele science telescope, and I need some advice, I keep seeing shadow images, could it be the lense or thje agle mirror, Also when I use the Barlow lense that is supplied I cant see anything, Am I doing something wrong or are the lenses broke. I am a beginner with no knowlegde of how to use a telescope,which is why she brought me such a basic one. Any advice would be appreicated. Thanks
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