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  1. Not sure if you'll be keen on this edit but I've just selectively adjusted the sats and colour balance in PS. Maybe too red, or not red enough for you but just gives you and idea what's there.
  2. Hi Joe, Try at 75mm, 3 second exposures at ISO 6400. Take around 50 or 60 exposures, 20 or so Dark Frames. Throw em all into Deep Sky Stacker, then process the image in your software of choice. See what comes out, you have nothing to lose and it's fun. You may be surprised. I am in the same boat as you regarding a fixed tripod. It's fun and challenging to push your cameras limits and see what you come up with. Enjoy.
  3. Please, correct me if I'm wrong as I use Nikons, but the crop factor on the 1100D is 1.6, thereby making the 35mm lens equivalent to a 56mm lens at Full Frame. I was under the impression that this is the figure we use to calculate using the 400 rule. Therefore 400/56 = 7.14 seconds. I do of course stand to be corrected on any of the above. Cheers
  4. Don't forget the correction factor for your sensor size. (unless using full frame of course). A 200mm focal length on APS-C (Nikon) is equal to 350mm, so using the rule of 400 you are down to a shade over 1 second. A 35mm lens on APS-C (52mm equivalent on FF) would give you around 7 seconds.
  5. Really don't think this statement hold true. Formula 1 had a massive following. The Beeb still gave it away 3 Years before it's contract came to an end. Channel 4 couldn't believe their luck!
  6. There is more depth to yours than my edit. I'ts a softly softly approach with post processing, and there is no substitute for data and dark skies. Good luck.
  7. Had a quick go with Photoshop CC. Try starting with the levels slider. Choose each Channel, Red, Green & Blue seperately and bring the left hand slider accross to the bottom of the curve. Then go from there with your colour balance/saturation/curves etc. Give it a whirl you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  8. Another from my brief session this evening. 35mm f1.8 @ f1.8 Static Tripod, No tracking ISO 4000 50 x 7 second subs 20 x Darks 20 x Flats 20 x Bias
  9. Well, the learning journey continues. Still no scope, Mount or Tracking. Just an unmodded D5100 on a fixed tripod. It's tricky with no tracking to get the data collected but I'm enjoying trying. I've promised myself I won't dive in and get a mount I'll regret in a couple of years, maybe months, so until I can afford to get myself that HEQ5, I'll plod on squeezing every last ounce out of the little data I have. Photoshop is definitely your friend in this situation. Anyway, I digress. A couple of hour window in the cloud this evening and I was out there. 35mm f1.8@ f1.8 ISO 4000 50 x 7 second S
  10. As above, difficult to say without an image to look at. A steady hand with the clone tool if there is one in Gimp.
  11. Jaw dropping quality. I'm genuinely impressed.
  12. You ought to try golf. Now that's stressful! lol
  13. I've had a bash in PS. I've tried all sorts but I can't get any blue out of those main stars.
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