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peter liddle

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    8ins Meade lightbridge dobsonian
    musician, creator and member of classic rock band Sabre.
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    Euxton near Chorley lancs
  1. hello Phil, six miles south of you down the M6 good luck with the scope, hope the Preston lights dont mess things up for you, Pete.
  2. hello from Euxton Lancs an 8ins meade dobsonian user pete.
  3. councils could put many road lights out or at least some of them after midnight, the M6 behind my house has lights that go out after midnight
  4. hi from me in the same area.
  5. hello Tony, just up the road near Chorley, might be a bit light poluted in Bolton. get yourself below the north face of winter hill on the angelsark to abbey village road sheltered from the lights in bolton, black as a witches cat up there. can meet and have a small star party. with some nearby members if you like. good luck. pete.
  6. hi Robb. welcome. i have a facinating story told to me by the father of my freind. who comes from Glasgow, featuring a respected owner of a shop that specialized in cameras and scientific instuments and optial lenses for telescopes, around 1944 he was called Charles Frank, pete.
  7. ahh, i can see your worry but the zip ties that hold the binos thead thru the center beside the focus wheel, was an experiment for further mods but turned out a very good capture for the bino, plus if i want the binos off just cut the zips and off you go. it all got put together in less than one hour in the shed, and as they say if it aint broken dont fix it. more pics of it on my profile.
  8. check this out if it has uploaded.?? yes it did, the legs extend to standing hight from child to adult. mirror tilts and bino pans left and right on the yolk of a modifyed telescope tripod. insted of looking up you look down into the mirrors reflection. confortable, steady and easy to use.
  9. hi. dobsonians are very easy to use. stong and stable bases, just point them and veiw, easy to track objects as the earth turns and they move in the field of veiw. large mirrors colects lots of light and gives good imaging of dimmer targets. good value for money. red dot lazer finders fitted will get you onto the target easy when zero,d in and in line with the main eye piece
  10. get sky at night magazine its full of star charts and astro shots cost a fiver a month, less on subsciption, lots to read about on the cloudy nights and when they clear you will have learned some things to go and find in the sky.
  11. hi, you all may be interested in my bino mirror stand. works great and very comfortable and controlable no neck strain. pictures of it on my profile. basicaly is an old telescope yolk type mount stand, a round bathroom mirror and a good pair of bino,s cobbled together in about a half hour. using zip ties and a couple of nuts and bolts. the mirror swivels and the bino traverses left and right. simple but the results are amazing when its in use. best of all you can set the bino on a subject then swap user so you can share the veiw with ease.
  12. hello mark, from lancashire
  13. hi, would you please message me with more details of the astromony centre, Todmorden
  14. been thinking of building a new observatory as a project this year, thought of the slide off roof on a shed type which would be easy for me due to being in the building trade all my life, but also i am interested in the pod type with a rotating dome, starting with a thin plywood segmented dome then covered in GRP to waterproof and make the structure solid and stiffen it. wonder if anyone on here has attempted this type of observatory as a do it yourself project. ??
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