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  1. Hello Milliways What comes with the scope and where about in England are you? Fraser
  2. Hello Milliways Could you please confim what you are selling for £450, as i am very interested. many thanks Fraser
  3. Hello Milliways Quick question? Who is selling your old scope? Many thanks Fraser
  4. Hello I have been researching scopes that i think will help my planetary and lunar observing.I think that this skywatcher scope should provide some good observing however i would like if possible someones opinion on this set up if possible (perhaps you have this one). many thanks Glencree
  5. Hello I recently created a post about Meade scopes and suitable alternatives and received some excellent advice. I would like to visit a "friendly" shop, preferably as near to Newcastle as possible this week to bounce some ideas around before buying what i think is now best for me. Could anyone let me know if they know of a shop nearby (NE or NW) that will offer really good advice and has a range of scopes available. I do expect to have to travel over 150 miles from Newcastle . Many thanks Glencree
  6. Hello I live just north of Whitley Bay. One of the main reasons i am struggling finding a suitable scope is that there is no shop in the North East to bounce questions and physicall look at telescopes available in my price range(i am a novice at this game also which does not help also). Glencree
  7. Hello M.Tweedy I live Just north of Whitley Bay.THe main problem i find is that there are no Astronomy Shops in the North East of England to have a visit or chat with. Best regards Glencree123
  8. This is what i need! The best advice i have had in ages has been from this short two hour session. Many thanks
  9. Hello Everyone Many thanks for all the information that you are sending.I can see that there obviously are other REAL alternatives out there.My head i have google search on one session looking at scopes mentioned, and this on the other. I shall get there eventually. Very many thanks for helping me.
  10. Hello CW Sorry,however i dot really understand the full meaning of "field of use"?
  11. Hello there Very good question. I am quite a brand loyal person, and as i have had no real problem with my existing Meade, my natural instinct is to keep to the same brand. However as i have not really researched any other scope suppliers, i have only kept to Meade's information,and if there is another make that really blows Meade away, with regards to what i would like to achieve with a scope, and others agree, then i will go for it. Hope to hear from you soon.
  12. I bought an Etx90 EC 7 years ago, and now feel the need to buy a larger Meade scope. There lies the problem? I have a budget of £2000 ,however i cannot decide on which Meade!I am a novice,and cannot really understand the main pros and cons when i research the ETX against the LX range.I want this scope to allow me to really pick up astronomy as a hobby and allow exciting stargazing,so it must have the capacity to accomodate my skills in stargazing as they develop. Perhaps someone out there has been in my position and can offer some advice on best prices and their experiences. Here's hop
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