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  1. 2 nights out in the cold have given me the man flu...Worth it though :D

    1. todd8137


      Wish i had. Uid for every runny nose and headache i have had after a couple s nights out ,good hat thermals yes thermals and scarf gloves and lts of tea


    2. Dan Watts

      Dan Watts

      I might have to crack the flask out actually! Good call! I only had the hood up on my ski jacket, schoolboy error, I'm still feeling it today...Hope it gets warmer sooner!

  2. Go away clouds...I'm getting nebula fever, I haven't been able to use my new UHC Filter! Grrr!

    1. nephilim


      Your in for a treat mate, I recently got mine & M42 is amazing.....Hope the cloud clears 4 you :)

    2. Dan Watts

      Dan Watts

      :D great stuff thanks!! I've never seen through a UHC so I'm itching! First port of call will be M42 ;)

  3. Very tired from late night viewing last night...Yawn! Worth it though :)

    1. absy


      See anything nice? :) I've been getting up around 2am the last couple of Sundays to observe Jupiter and Venus :)

  4. Finally got round to uploading some pics to my page :)

  5. Clouds, Clouds, go away!

    1. Marki


      please don't come back another day :)

    2. Marki


      Clouds that is, not Dan ;-)

    3. Dan Watts

      Dan Watts

      Haha...I have just seen this! ;)

  6. Finally downloaded GoSatWatch - Satellite Tracking on my iPhone!! Love it :)

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