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  1. Halcyon, no worries...I take fully onboard what you say...
  2. Thanks Halcyon...I'll stop looking...:-)
  3. Hi there... For some time now I have been "exploring" the Orion Nebula, to the best of my abilities, and find it a fascinating subject to view.... Should I be able to glimpse the Flame and Horsehead Nebula too, or do these require a bit more sophisticated equipment...?? Skywatcher 200, f 1200mm, Hyperion 21mm eyepiece. Dougie.
  4. Thanks guys...advice taken on board and monies now spent at First Light Optics....:-)
  5. Thanks for the replies guys.... What I was looking for was the ability to get a closer image of the moon rather than the entire lunar object, hence my query re attaching to an eyepiece... What you say about the focal length of my scope being fixed is quite correct, and as a photographer I can't understand why I didn't realise that...doh....!!! I'll look into the option of eyepiece projection, which I think is maybe what I'm needing...:-)
  6. Hi, I've had a look on the forum, but can't find an answer to my query, which maybe speaks more about my searching capabilities than anything else...! However... I have been happily mounting my Canon DSLR onto my 8" dobsonian via a T-Mount fitted directly onto the 2" focusing tube. This is fine if I want images of the "whole" moon... What should I do if I want closer focusing to the target...??? Is it possible to mount the SLR onto an eyepiece for instance, or is there another method that I am missing...??? Dougie.
  7. Thanks for the suggestions guys...I'll give them a look...
  8. Hi folks, Can anyone point me in the direction of a comparable piece of software for image stacking that I can use on my Mac...??? Dougie.
  9. Hi folks, Newbie query here.... Should I be able to pick Uranus out using my 8" Dob...??? I did venture out earlier this evening, but reckon the moon was so blumming bright that I was missing it... :-(
  10. Thanks Paul... Yes, the "blob" in the centre of the image... I've never swung my scope around in this direction before, so this is a first for me. Ta. Dougie.
  11. Hi folks, First decent clear skies last night for a while, so took the chance to do some observing. I saw this just below Cassiopeia, but just above the horizon about 9pm. Is it Andromeda...??? Dougie.
  12. Can someone please help me out... I understand the concept of a Barlow Lens, magnifying the image obtained by the fitted lens. However, can you advise for example, if a 2 x Barlow is attached to a 25mm lens, does this turn it into a 12.5mm lens, with a narrowing of field-of-view, or does it just magnify the view whilst retaining the original wide angle...? Dougie (who had a cracking view of Saturn this morning...)
  13. In the VERY short time I've been using it, I now find I'm sticking to the 25mm EP as I find the 10mm too narrow in field-of-view and difficult to keep track of moving targets with...
  14. Great telescope...had mine about one week now. As above, the boxes are BIG....! So don't even try to hide it from her... I was lucky in respect of the fact that I funded my purchase by selling off a few camera lenses I was hardly using, so she couldn't really moan...much... Her only gripe is where the thing is going to be stored when not in use, but I'll get around that somehow. However, after she had a squint at Jupiter and four of it's moons...saw Saturn with it's rings, the Orion Nebula and cracking views of the moon, she's actually quite interested now.... Enjoy the 'scope.
  15. A right and left humanoid arm.... Just a wooden AltAzimuth mount, nothing fancier... Dougie.
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