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  1. I got a new focus mask and a 2" t thread adapter. Sorry
  2. Hi guys picked up a new OTA last weekend It is a very nice scope it is flock lined and has a 10:1 crayford focuser 2". I have only had one small opportunity to use it so far but I loved what I saw and I can't wait to get some 2" eyepieces for it. Maybe tonight please.
  3. Brilliant can you do some more I love these kind of images
  4. i saw it for the first time on the 17th with my now old scope (just got an OO 6" reflector). and it is an wonderfull sight i cant wait to see it with my new scope.
  5. It was worth it though to see the build progress
  6. Hi guys Do you have to polar align for viewing and imaging the planets with a R/A motor drive. I ask because the planets move differently to the stars so polar alignment can't work in the same way can it?
  7. Wonderful stuff gina. I am soooo jelous. Very close to finishing now I look forward to some wonderful images. BTW it took me a few days to work my way through the thread.
  8. i saw that i just thought it was moonlight shining through clouds, now it seems more cool.
  9. hi i am new to this also but what i have worked out so far is you dont need to spend a fortune on equipment. and it seems you have plenty of that. What software are you using for imaging? the threads here seem to lean to sharpcap for capture and registax for stacking your images both of which are free. www.astronomie.be/registax/ SharpCap and then some image proccesing software like Photoshop. i will be making my first attempt soon so i wish you luck. clear skies.
  10. Yes that's it, is it worth getting done? And if so where?
  11. Hello all I am a newbee here with a new telescope. I have read in quite a few threads in the lounge about the LX mod for the Phillips spc880/900 I happen to already own an un modified one I know what the mod does but what is it, is it software or hardware modification? If it's hardware is it worth doing? And where can I get it done? How much does it cost? I would never attempt a hardware mod myself because I am very good at breaking things.
  12. Have you tried skysafari on the app store. I downloaded it a couple of days ago as it was on offer 69p it works a treat for me and I have not updated to iOS 5 It was recommended in another tread a couple of days ago
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