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  1. Chris_C


    Ok i shall try, have to start somewhere
  2. Chris_C


    30 minutes for accomodation you mean? Well that is good to hear will try it one night
  3. Too much hard work for those two. More attrctive to women though i should think
  4. Thanks for that i will check it out. Horizon does some great stuff. i think it would be so amazing to spend time up a mountain in control of a massive telescope probing the Universe's mysteries, diligently recording things and waiting for a new discovery. Shame i am rubbish at Maths i would have been a great astronomer otherwise
  5. Hi there i just joined too, seems like most of the crew of the Enterprise are already here. good to see
  6. Chris_C


    Hi there yes i will check out all the advice. i have been to the local astro society and plan to again. I am a doctor so I have genarally been working quite long hours. However now i am out of hospital medicine and going to be a GP, so i should be able to reclaim some life back!
  7. Chris_C


    Just joined the forum, no idea why i did not think of joining before. I've loved space since i was little. At the moment i live in Hull, therein lies the problem, being in a city i can see very few stars I know they are there anyway. Hope i can get more involved now and that the forum will inspire and inform me. Got some binoculars and may soon get a scope, but which one....
  8. Excellent find, thanks for sharing that. Even got some old films with Feynman in, brillant.
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