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  1. Hi, Took a short 1850 frame video of albeiro last night and stacked the best 355 frames with registax 6. This was taken with a nikon coolpix s3100 throgh my skywatcher heritage 130p flextube. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum (widefield or Deep Sky???) All comments welcome John
  2. Thanks for your input. It seems it might be a goer so shall keep fingers crossed. thanks again John
  3. Hello everyone. I hope this will not seem a daft question but......, Does anyone know if i am able to fit my little skywatcher heritage flextube 130p to a skywatcher syncscan AZ goto mount?? Or is there another solution. i wish to track without doing it manually but am on a bit of a budget and have found a mount that is a reasonable price. At the moment I am reluctant to change the scope. Thanks a lot John
  4. Thanks everybody for your encouraging replys, especially those convincing me to spend money...............but I am going to take lots of time to move from one stage to another. Anweniel, I took the video through a Nikon Coolpix S3100 14 megapixel point and shoot at full magnification. I cropped the 10 mp or more of nothing so I think that maybe why it looks big. I dont really know what I was doing but it seemed to work. Believe me in my 9mm ep it looks like a white disc with a ring of white round it about 6mm across. Regards john
  5. Hi This is my very first planetary image and it was taken from a short video. I took the video with a Nikon S3100 through a 9mm Plossl all attached to my little skywatcher heritage 130p. I thought I would try my hand with registax (God only knows how that works, but it did something) and I have to say I am very pleased with the result. John
  6. I think that is quite good. I too did my first afocal attempt the other day. Its in here (the forum) somewhere. I can't comment otherwise as I am not much cop with photoshop, registax and other available photo thingys. A great first attempt though. John
  7. Thanks Guys. I have tried a moon filter which helped a wee bit. However I think I was looking too late (it was almost Dark) so will try a little earlier. I will keep my fingers crossed. thanks again.
  8. Ok, when I look through the scope at venus at the moment all I see is a very bright fuzzy ball of white light. Is there a filter I should be using so I can see venus as a partial ball at least??
  9. Thank you for moving it. Doh! It wasn't until I posted it that I realised I'd put it in the wrong place. John
  10. Only my second attempt at afocal photography and I'm quite pleased with the result. Any advice welcome. I used a 9mm plossl attached to a 5mp mini camcorder and used it as a still camera. Took what seemed like an age to set up but as I said I think it was worth it!
  11. Ok, thanks for that. Sorry but I am very new to this! Here is the link: jupiter3moons.mp4 video by sheerlunarsea - Photobucket
  12. Hi all, I hope you had a good christmas! This is my first attempt at any kind of astrophotography. I took this video of jupiter afocally with my new christmas present and in about 3 mins, before it all went cloudy. Not frightfully brilliant but am pleased i got 3 moons too! 12mm plossl, skywatcher heritage 130p dob, afocal attachment and vivitar mini video camera.
  13. Hi, I wish to try my hand at afocal photography. How many megapixels should the camera have? Optical zoom or digital zoom does it matter? Thanks in advance
  14. Hello, I am a new member although I have been reading various threads since April. I have like everyone, it seems, been interested in everything 'space' since my father made me watch the apollo missions. For my birthday I received a skywatcher heritage and Oh my.......
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