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  1. Yes Pete, I myself made the same mistake once. I forgot to check for the orientation of the measurement image and it turned out to be terrible. However, with this one that is not what the case is. I am very careful about that now I derotated the video files with this one. About the data, I was able to stack 35-45% of my videos. The measurement dates are all correct, they are given by Firecapture, although the figures of shadows and moons on the measurement image never seem to overlap exactly right. And also yes, the mid-time is used for the measurement. I think I didn't miss anything. Any oth
  2. Thanks for the advice guys, I will try and reprocess giving it less sharpening. Also will give a shot to drizzling too. Pete, in fact now that you've mentioned it, it does seem like the derotation was not effective enough. Do you have any idea why not?
  3. I took these images on the very cold morning of Dec 7. Choice of weapon was a C9.25 running at F18 with a ASI120MM-S and Baader RGB filters. Seeing was predicted to be average, but I think it was better than that. In any matter I am pretty happy with the results as they show some detail. I only took two sets of rgb, each channel 4min long. Derotated in Winjupos, stacked in AS!2, Registax6 wavelets and some finishing off with CS5. I resized one of the image using Registax6's Lanczos method. Critics and comments are welcome as always.
  4. I picked up mine today, and after watching it I can recommend it to anyone. I am a novice at planetary imaging but the DVD had some very useful information. He talks about AS2, Registax6, Winjupos derotation and maps. Also there are some Photoshop tutorials. Further more he goes into details about telescopes and some helpful information on how to pick one. I give two thumbs up for this one.
  5. Thanks guys. I was able to get about100 fps on red and green and about 80 fps on blue out of the ASI120MM-S. It is absolutely a nice cam.
  6. I took this one on Sept 28 with my C9.25 at F22 and ASI120MM-S. Seeing was pretty decent although transparency was not the best. In any ways I think it came out to be pretty nice. Comments and criticism are always welcome.
  7. I have taken this on 09/17/2014. Weapon of choice was C 9.25 at F21 plus ASI120MM-S with Baader RGB filters. Since it is very low on the sky yet, it is pretty difficult to get some nice seeing around here. I usually collect about 8000-9000 frames in one shot and stack 1000-2000 of them at most. I got a few minutes of good seeing with this image. It is an RRGB composition and it seems that it shows two oval BA west and south-west to the GRS. I would be interested if anyone could confirm this. I am sure I was not the only one out that night. If there are two and they hold out throughout the seas
  8. O yes, one more thing. Just to make things interesting, if you could chose between a monochrome KAI-2001M or a KAI-2020M, what would you pick?
  9. I am thinking of getting a Astrophotography dedicated CCD camera and was eyeballing the ST-2000XM. I found this website http://archive.sbig.com/sbwhtmls/st2000xcm_new.htm and this says that there is a newest sensor is KAI-2020M. The price difference between an ST-2000 with this new sensor, or the one with the older one, KAI-2001M, is significant. This website also states that the KAI-2020M has lower readout noise, while this website posts two dark frames from the two sensors http://archive.sbig.com/sbwhtmls/st2000xm_new.htm The previous link also states that the QE is the same for the two sens
  10. I am doing astrophotography for a couple of years now. I have a Canon 450D which I modified for better H-alpha transmission (replaced the IR filter) and also customized it with a peltier finger cooling system, which gives me about 25-30 C cooling. I am happy with the camera but I think I am ready to move on to the dedicated cameras. I am thinking of getting something used for starters. I have options to get: 1. SBIG 2000XCM: Specs are here: CCD CCD Kodak KAI-2020CM + TI TC-237 Pixel Array 1600 x 1200 pixels CCD Size 11.8 x 8.9 mm Tot
  11. That image is very nice. Those spiral arms are very clear, you have an amazingly detailed core. Those small patches of nebulosity in the arms are particularly well caught. Great work
  12. Wow, the contrasts of both of the images are just amazing. I really like the colors too, it has a little sort of old school taste to it with the new possibilities of imaging. Job very well done!
  13. Guys I have been following this thread for a while now. I think it is a great idea that some of you here challenges the elements I have also seen here that it is a little difficult to get your hands on another sensor if you screw the first one up (and it would seem that it is almost certain one would), therefore I decided not to do this on my 450D sensor. But now I have a 450D sensor which is redundant. I don't want to make any sale advertisement here as I am very sure that the moderators would not be pleased with it but if any one interested just send me a private massage. It'd be nice if i
  14. Oh, look at that I forgot to post the details. C9.25 + TV 2.5x pwermate + ASI120MC James thanks for the awesome website. I just confirmed, it is Olympus Mons
  15. On the eve of opposition it was solid cloud covered, but got lucky the very next night, which I think I still should consider myself lucky for, taking into consideration the jet stream here this time of the year. I have grabbed an 8 min AVI planning to derotate with winjupos, only later I found out that winjupos doesn't derotate video streams of Mars, who knew. I anyway loaded into AS2, stacked the best 7000 frames out of about 38700. I was pretty surprised at what was looking at me at the end. If I am not mistaken, that is Olympus Mons in about the center of the disc. There are also other fea
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