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  1. kuro

    Hi, im back

    A couple of years ago I sold all my gear due to financial circumstances and a neighbours security light. I always had an eye on the skies and recently saw a couple of scopes going cheap locally and snapped them up. So now im back with a celestron firstscope and a heritage 130p dob, both hardly used for £60. I know they are not high end but I read good things about these scopes. Looking forward to some clear skies and getting back into it again.
  2. I don't do neighbours and anyway he is not the friendliest person I've met. Turning it off is not an option as their garage is completely separate from the house so it would inconvienice them. The light is not set off by me but is by everyone and everything else. I don't really want to sell but this has made me disillusioned with the hobby.
  3. After spending a few months building up a nice little setup I find that I have not been using it recently. This is mainly due to the fact that to coincide with the aquisition of a goto mount the neighbors installed a poxy security light on their detached garage. The thing is now when I get the feeling that I want to set the scope up I am put off by the thought of having this menace coming on and off all the time. Seriously thinking of giving up the hobby cos of this.
  4. Just started. All about the Cassini/Huygens probes
  5. Were you on your own up there? I took my mountain bike on the puffing billy track to red lake the other day and even in brilliant sunshine it was a bit eerie out there on my own.
  6. Anyone else seeing this tonight or are my eyes gone to pot....There are two moons! Its as if you are looking at it with crossed eyes. I guess it must be some kind of atmospheric effect.
  7. Noticed earlier this evening that it looked good out there. Wish I'd have got the scope out now.
  8. Saturn, surreal, Thats exactly what i thought when i saw it for the first time a couple of weeks back.
  9. Always nice to see the moon return but it does start to get in the way as it grows brighter.
  10. I saw M51 last night through an st102. It was very feint but using averted vision i could just make out the cores. I will say though that without my autostar I doubt i would have found it with the scope i use and i suspect that anything beyond this magnitude is pushing its limits.
  11. Andromeda is getting pretty low in the sky now. I tried last night and the scope ended up pointing at my garage.
  12. With the clocks going forward was wondering what observing is like during the summer months. I have heard some people pack up until the autumn comes back. I must admit the warm weather we have had makes a big difference to your endurance, i was out for about 7 hours last night.
  13. I was tracking saturn last night through my st102 refractor and had clear views through a 12.5mm orion highlight attached to a cheap skywatcher 2x barlow. No cassini division but saw ring shadows a tiny bit of surface detail and a couple of moons. Small in the eyepiece but an amazing sight especially considering its 3/4 of a billion miles away.
  14. To quote from that movie, "If it is just us then it seems like an awfull waste of space"
  15. I had to wait a couple of months as it was not clearing my neighbors house until the early hours. Its now visable at around 11.30 Looking forward to showing the kids when its higher in the sky and at a more reasonable hour.
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