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  1. Anyone seen anyother info on this upcoming camer (6meg) I believe the ICX413AQ isn´t quite as good as the ICX453 found in the QHY due to, and this is where my facts go wrong, the former downloads the image differently to the later (one is interlaced). Imaging sensor Sony ICX413AQ SuperHAD CCD Color Imaging sensor size 23.4mm x 15.6mm Pixel array 3032 x 2016 (437,664 total) Pixel size 7.8 x 7.8 Imaging chip Single Shot Color Autoguider capability Yes Exposure range 0.002 second to 9.3 hours A/D conversion 16 bit Thermoelectric cooling Yes IR filter Yes Mounting 2" nozzle or t-thread USB connection High-speed 2.0 Software compatibility Windows XP/Vista Weight (oz.) 28.00 In spain it is down for a start price of 1000 euros which in my book looks great. let me know what you think! Neil C p.s. picked this one up of the spanish forums the main opinion there is we will wait and see how good the images are that it produces.
  2. At last the combination of not working, not raining and not in trouble with the wife come together to enable a night of playing with the old telescope. Thanks to georgei for the drivers for my ATIK 16IC. Its the first time I have been able to play with all the new gear and there are a few interesting teething problems. 1. I made the pier 1.3 meters high....big mistake, this makes the telescope eyepiece close to 2.5 m high I now need mountain climbing gear. 2. Where the mount attaches to the pier it is too complicated when putting on and packing away it needs to be simplified. Still, I am getting the hang of focusing but the guiding just was a failure possibly due to the guide scope being 400 mm and the main scope 1600mm. Regards Neil C
  3. Fantastic image, really nice to see. thanks Neil C
  4. Cheers for everything files installed and working. I will probably find the CD in the washing machine or dish washer (somewhere nice and safe) Neil C
  5. George, I have sent you a message, the ones I downloaded from the website aren't being detected by XP. So hopefully I can give yours a try. Neil C
  6. Cheers John, I will have a look. I was starting to panic and had been to the ATIK Instruments page but not the Artemis page. Thanks for your quick reply I can feel the blood pressure lowering again! Neil C
  7. I have just got this camera friday and I put the driver disk in a really safe place so that I wouldn´t lose it. Problem is I can´t remember where it is and I put it in the "safe place" before I had installed it on my computer. I will send an email to ATIK but wondered if anyone here knew where I could find a copy of the drivers. This is really begining to annoy me now I can´t believe how stupid I have been. If anyone can help let me know...I am off to look in all the really obvious places I have already looked. Thanks Neil C
  8. I have 2 differing stories to tell. Number 1. Pulsar/Scopes n skies. Ordered an item and waited but it failed to appear, phoned and was told it would definately appear...waited and waited...then phoned again and was told actually it was out of stock so asked for a refund and waited..got bored waiting and tried ordering something else that was in stock hoping against hope that because it was in stock it would turn up quickly...and waited...phoned up 1 week later and it was being ordered from a supplier..so either they can't check stock or they lied on the phone. I am still waiting months and months later and don't now what to do. Number 2. Modern Astronomy. Ordered in Feb but the Filter wheel was delayed and this is where my experience changes Bernard replied to emails and kept me informed. He repacked everything to fit into one box, for shipment to another country, and it arrived today and even sent through an updated driver by email because the one sent through for the camera was incorrect. Absolutely great service and friendly. I have never been treated so badly as by pulsar and yet from Bernard had some absolutely great customer service. I am just glad the expensive order went to Bernard as I really couldn't afford to lose that kind of money in the lottery that is pulsar. Just to make you laugh...I ordered from pulsar/scopes after reading a thread similar to this one and getting all hollyier than thou and saying you shouldn't condem a company if you haven't tried them...well I have tried them and I am an idiot for doing so. ncjunk
  9. Would it make a difference if you used an alcohol based cleaning fluid as the last step in the process. I bought some cleaning fluid and wipes for the CCD sensor of my camera and they work really well or is it too risky on the scratch front. Neil C
  10. Thats just stunning...really smooth, I particullarly like the pink foam on the above photos! NC
  11. Damn thats nice.....
  12. Most of the designs I have seen on the web are the tube variety filled with concrete that has effectively four long bolts sunk into it. This looks to be the best design. My father in law has made a pier for me so I will have to use that but I am starting to wish I could do the tube and concrete method...I might do it as well. On the Tube side I saw a lovely stainless 1 meter high section of tubing that is used to take the exhaust gases out of a building for €25 in the local DIY store lucky for me the missus wasn't there to see me drooling. Neil C
  13. Thanks for the replies, when you go to put a permanent home in for your observatory you start to get a bit jittery over whether you are making the right choice but it seems I am. The missus is putting 3 fruit trees south of the observatory location I just have to persuade her the get the varieties that don´t grow too high. I am afraid the trees were a natural part of the bargaining process but I am happy and she is happy so I will live with a bit of blocked view south if it happens! (now where did I put that axe) Thanks again Neil C
  14. :hello1: Great image, please post a few more...I am waiting for that camera to come through so its nice to see what it can do. Neil C
  15. I am putting up a shed for an observatory and wondered which direction I can ignore. At the moment I have come to the conclusion that a decent view east and south with some north, can see polaris, should mean that I can get all the astro fix I need. The only problem with the site is that the garden next door is 1 meter higher than mine and I am thinking of putting the shed there. This means the fence will block a lot of the west direction. Any advice and personal experience welcome. Oh and anyone know of a clean type of concrete that will only weigh 1 ounce, be enough for the shed and not be messy? I can stick it next to the golden goose. Neil C
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