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  1. nice to here the scope has gone to a good home.
  2. yeah i got a moon filter goin out shortly to try
  3. ive tried a few eyepieces its the brightness i never thought of turning it down on my phone as matt has explained gonna try next time.
  4. ive the same phone and tried to take pics through the eyepiece with it without any joy.
  5. when you put your barlow into the focuser have you tightened the two tighteners on either side of the focuser, might be a silly question.
  6. what scope is it.it sounds like the skywatcher 130.
  7. heres a great vid of saturn emerging from behind the moon.
  8. theres loads of stuff like that on youtube , i like the human figure on mars videos they make you wonder.
  9. just come in from looking at saturn it looks great i can only see one moon though. i also had a look at mars cos with the naked eye i can see a star just below it but when i look through scope i can only see mars might be an illusion. whilst looking at mars i also saw a meteor, shootin star, sattelite ,aircraft etc it made me jump funny aint it. :saturn:
  10. when your are focused on saturn you should see up to four star like specs these will be it moons they are in different places everytime i look. :saturn:
  11. your scopes so called max is 260x with the 3x and your 10mm it would 195x mag well below your scopes max and like i said i stacked the two barlows and still got a good image :?
  12. there was a small dark patch at back of globe on the right hand side where the rings go around, and the rings were not just a white oval like i usually see there was definatly a darker part in middle of rings going all the way round except for a bit at the front where the rings are thinner. i was gonna sell my scope a few weeks ago because i couldnt see what i thought i would be able to when i bought it but now my enthuiasm is back and im pleased again. dont get me wrong what i viewed wasnt like the images on this website which are very nice and to complicated for me to attempt, but none the less im not tellin porkies beleive me or not its up to you, if i could have filmed it somehow i would have and posted on here.
  13. people dont seem to believe what i saw last night mate but i know what i saw. must have been one of those perfect seeing skys i keep hearing about. images were perfectly clear. 8)
  14. just my skywatcher 130pm im quite suprised myself would love to try some expensive eyepieces and lenses. :shock:
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