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  1. Just wanted to add that the blue one was featured on universetoday.com!
  2. Here's a fun little adjustment.
  3. Here's tonight's blue moon, which won't happen again until July 31, 2015. Single shot. 1/1250 sec., ISO 200. Thanks for looking!
  4. Here's tonights moon. A 97% Waxing Gibbous. 1/800 sec., ISO 200. Single shot. Thanks for looking!]
  5. Nice pictures. They are a little bit overexposed but great nonetheless.
  6. Here's a quick image I got tonight. Street lights to the west are horrible here, and it was only about 8:30pm when I took this. Single shot, 10 sec. exposure, ISO 400. The star trails were from a week ago from my night sky time-lapse. I used StarStax for Mac to put it together. Star Trails
  7. It's only 5 seconds long, but took a lot of work! Sony A300. 75 x 15 second exposures. ISO 1600. f/5.6. 18mm lens. I didn't process any of the shots because I don't know a quick way to run that many through Photoshop. Made into a 15fps time-lapse movie with Time Lapse Assembler for Mac.
  8. Interesting! I hope I'm able to witness a bright daytime supernova in my lifetime.
  9. Nice afocal shots! I like that high powered one.
  10. Yep, I added a lot of contrast in PS.
  11. Here's tonights picture, a little less overexposed. Same exposure time as the first one.
  12. Thanks everyone. I do see some parts of the image that are over-exposed, I admit I probably overdid the levels in PS. When I process it in Photoshop, I mainly focus on getting the best detail I can along the terminator, so like you said, some parts of the limb are overexposed.
  13. Thanks! @Fay, here's a direct link, maybe this will work? http://i1222.photobucket.com/albums/dd482/joeys-astro-gallery/Telescope%20Lunar%202012/final728.png
  14. I've been busy the past couple weeks so I haven't really had any time to bring the 'scope out. I decided to get some Lunar shots tonight because there were some clouds. I took a quick look at Saturn too. Picture was single shot, 1/800 sec., ISO 200. Processed in Photoshop.
  15. Tonight was amazing! I saw the Milky Way for the first time ever! I went out at 9:45pm with a lawn chair. I looked up for about 20 minutes for my eyes to get dark adapted. Then I challenged myself to find the faintest magnitude star I could see. After a few minutes of looking, I found a magnitude 5.3 star near Vega. Surprised, I kept looking up. Then I saw the faint glow of the spiral arm of our galaxy. It was incredible! It started at Deneb, around 40-45* high, and stretched across the southern sky above Altair. There were noticeably bright patches below Deneb, and to the right of Altair. I d
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