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  1. The "stars" look like disc's to me. but lovely image
  2. Signed and sent to my astro group
  3. an 8/10/12 inch dob will give you fantastic views for years to come. I got bored fast with my 5" scope till I got the 8" and wow what a difference.
  4. No the webcam will be your ep when attached. U will need a adapter that will fix your webcam onto your focuser. telescope house do them.
  5. Fantastic scope, I loved mine.. Moon/LP filter, Cheshire collimator, Some wide angle ep's and a copy of turn left at orion and your all set for a long time. For photography I wouldn't use a camera but instead use a webcam
  6. cheshire every time... lasers need to be collimated also...
  7. The 200p is a wonderful scope to have...
  8. I have to say, I bought a 6mm tmb planetary type II and its awful, I honestly think its faulty as not even the supplied eps are that bad..
  9. Yeh it appears greenish/blue to me most nights of clear and steady skies. In my 5" it was always grey but as my scopes grew in size i noticed the colour in m42.
  10. I read somewhere woman cant fall pregnant in space, So that kind of ruins the long traveling idea's
  11. I have an angled finder and dont get on with it, would swap you for your straight one??
  12. dont just turn the collimation screws when doing your secondary mirror also hold the secondary with your hand ( dont touch the mirror! ) and tilt the mirror up and down aswel..
  13. 6mm tmb planetary type II awful ep just doesnt focus on anything
  14. Yeh A cheshire is what you need from now on mate.. And a 2min job everytime you go out..
  15. you secondary looks fine too me nice and central to the focuser, just loosen off the secondary collimation screws and turn them till you can see all your mirror clips.
  16. I'll try some, Think one roll will be enough for my 250px flex-tube??
  17. my secondary mirrior is fine, I washed my primary due to a cake falling into thev ota and got cream on the optics lol, so i just washed, and clipped it back in. what i did not do was mark the mirror so i cold remember which way it was before i put it back in, the collimation was miles off but jst re collimated it till everything was ok ie 6 mirror clips visable on the secondary and the ring centred to my cheshre I has yet still to loosen off the mirror clips to see if that is the problem and will prob get that done tonight..
  18. is it permanent damage or just acase of loosen it??
  19. I have done this and over tightened the clips giving my views a comet tail, is it permanent damage or just acase of loosen it??
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