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  1. Adding First Light Optics and Astrograph and Barnstaple & Tiverton Astro Society to our list of attendees. Planitarium shows throughout the day. Displays by our member sections. Live metior detection. Guest speakers - details and tickets available at our website www.normanlockyer.com. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend.
  2. The Institute of Physics will be there with hands on experiments for children - make sure you take you son into their tent.
  3. That's would be because you treat your customers so well that they return the favour :-)
  4. We saw it too, travelling north on the M5 at 9pm the fireball was travelling East to West low in the sky, I estimate seeing it for ~5 seconds, it was very bright and complete from start to finish of our view. Nice to know others saw it too.
  5. Hope you all had a good time, we would welcome feedback from those who attended Astro Fair on Saturday, please send me a private message if you wish to comment, I am one of the two organising Kates. Thank you.
  6. Although I wear glasses for reading, The thought of putting contacts in my eyes - is making me shiver just thinking about it Most definitely bins or scope for me always..
  7. If you have iTunes there is a part of it called iTunesU (U for University) - lots of free courses on there.
  8. Well I've just driven back to Plymouth from the NLO in Sidmouth with clear skies and a stunning moon for company.
  9. I feel a petition coming on! How many signatures do the online ones have to have to force a parliamentary debate? Surely there must be enough astronomers in the UK?
  10. Dining room by the patio doors for quick escape into the garden - it even got to wear a bit of tinsel at Christmas!!
  11. We use ours in the garden and take it visiting to the Norman Lockyer Observatory in SIdmouth
  12. Are you sure it wasn't a joker who actually locked you in?
  13. from the break last year in at the Astronomy Centre at Todmorden? Or anyone apprehended beacuse of it. I do hope so. Kate
  14. Here here Sara, I have found, not only on here, but also amongst astronomers 'in the flesh' that they are the friendliest and most helpful people I have met
  15. Or maybe it first came out first on April 1st??????????????????
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