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  1. Not so sure i can make it now i found out that my landlord is coming over tomorrow so i need to tidy the house up a bit. Hope you all have a great night though.
  2. Ok cool sounds like we have a plan. i Look forward to meeting you all.
  3. Cool ive cycled up tonight with a friend so i know where im going now. if you all sit with your telescopes on your laps ill be sure to find you.
  4. Hey im new to the forums and dont have any gear yet but if its cool with all you guys i wouldnt mind popping up on saturday and having a peep. Warren
  5. wozz90

    Hi from Derby

    Welcome! Im in derby myself and am just waiting to get a pair of bins to start having a nose around. Could maybe gather up at some point? Warren
  6. wozz90

    Hey people

    Thanks for all the messages. i was thinking about the light pollution and for now it wont be a problem for me to cycle out of derby and find a field to chill out in for a little while thats the plan anyways will see how it works out
  7. wozz90

    Hey people

    Hi, I'm warren and i'm from derby I've always liked nosing at the sky and have recently been thinking it would be pretty awesome to see the sky through a telescope. So i did a bit of searching and came across the website and after a little read i decided a pair of binoculars were the first port of call so this week/weekend im hoping to cycle to my dads and pick up a pair he has as money is a little tight at the moment. But as a starting point i managed to find jupiter tonight which was pretty sweet. Cheers Warren
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