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  1. Sad news indeed, the great pioneer of radio astronomy has died at the grand age of 98. Founder of the Lovell Radio Telescope at Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, he inspired many people to pursue a career in science and radio astronomy. He will be sadly missed by many people in the world of science. Thank you Sir Bernard for your amazing contribution. Mike
  2. Hello Phil Thanks for the schematic; a bit lazy on my part but at least I know your circuit works. I'll get building as soon as I have the parts - including some NPO capacitors for the Tentec tuned circuits. For the more specialised components I use - JAB Electronic Components for Radio Hams & Hobbyists, no connection, but can recommend them. Ok re the loop antenna; I too had looked at the Moxon, so will be interested in how you get on, but as you say, once the warmer weather is here! Thanks once again. Regards, Mike
  3. Geppetto Have completed the basic Tentec build and want to monitor the oscillator frequency. My counter is loading the oscillator tuned circuit so want to include a buffer between the oscillator output and the counter. I believe you successfully did this on your build, so wonder if you could let me have the schematic of the circuit you built. By the way, have you been able to test your loop antenna; how did it perform? Regards, Mike
  4. gepetto The TenTec 1056 receiver is still available. I ordered a kit from Waters & Stanton - they were getting some more kits shipped from the US, and the kit arrived in the post yesterday. Was prompted to get the kit after reading about your project on the BAA Radio Astronomy site. Now looking forward to building the kit and including some of the extras you have built in. Good stuff - thank you. Regards, Mike
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