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  1. I don't mind him. His programmes are a bit light on context but big on enthusiasm. He's blatantly a bit of a geek and makes what can be a dry subject (physics) a bit more accessible to younger viewers. Interesting that he's gone from playing keyboards in D-Ream to lecturing astrophysics at Manchester Uni!
  2. Hi Guys, I've been lurking for a few weeks and reading boards, thought I'd register and say hi I'm 32 and live in Yorkshire, Uk with my partner and 3 kids. New to astronomy and have been researching heavily on introductory advice for the last 3 weeks or so. Got myself a cheap, decent pair of Binoculars (10x50) off ebay while I keep a look out for my first introductory scope. I have been looking at skywatcher 130's as an ideal (if a little pricey)one size fits all starter scope. Although I am tempted by some of the small table-top dobsonians available around the 50 quid mark. (skywatcher heritage/celestron firstscope) If anyone has any personal experience on starter scopes above, or things to look at with my binoculars while I scrape the money together, please post. Thanks!
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