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  1. Pentax 10x50 get my vote.I got mine from Microglobe.Great bins at a great price.Treat yourself.
  2. I think the c5 while it would the job could be a little too fragile for what I need.I think an evostar 80 ed pro will be what I end up with.Still thanks for the replies.
  3. Can you let me know how you get on and I will order one myself.Thanks paulk.
  4. Has anyone had any dealings with microglobe.Are they a reliable firm.I am after a reduced accessory evostar 80 ed pro and so far they are the only firm from all my enquiries that say they can obtain one.Anyone please.
  5. I posted my query because I have an star travel 80 and it is not quite powerful enough.I live in Jersey and on clear days I like to view Guernsey and Sark.I also like to look at passing ships and fishing boats and high flying planes.For this, bins or a spotting scope are not powerful enough for my needs.I need a good view at about 120x.I have a baader zoom & barlow so all I need is a better scope.Thank you for the replies.
  6. Sounds as if a drop of thread lock in the first place would have solved the problem to me.
  7. At the higher magnifications which would be the better of the two scopes using a 10mm + 2x barlow.Would the extra light of the 120 outweigh the better optics of the 80 ed pro.It is the terrestrial use of the scopes that I am interested in as I have a reflecter scope as well.
  8. Mine seems to be a good quality item.What did you do to make it fall apart, drive a tank over it.
  9. I have the baader 2.25 barlow and the clickstop zoom.The barlow I would recommend both for the quality and the fact that it fits my skywatcher eyepieces as well.This is something that I have not seen mentioned before when people have asked what barlow to buy.The pair are not cheap but in my case well worth the money.
  10. Thanks for the replies they were better than I had hoped.A special thanks to Ags as I did not realise that you could use the mask to reduce the aperture.Magic.
  11. What is the maximum achievable magnification for an st80 as opposed to the hypothetical 160 which is the sum of 2x by 80mm lens size.I cant seem to get above about 90x before the vision deteriorates.Is this about right or should I expect more.
  12. I unscrewed the lens of my skywatcher barlow and screwed it directly into the end of my skywatcher zoom.If I buy a Tal 2x barlow can I do the same thing and screw it directly into the end of my zoom.
  13. Puzzle solved.I screwed the barlow lens element to the base of the EP and now I get up to 80x.I suddenly remembered reading it in an earlier post on SL.Thanks for your input I appreciate it.
  14. When I use my star travel 80 with a skywatcher 8-24 zoom I get a clear picture up to about 45x.when I add the skywatcher 2x barlow I can only get to about 55x before the picture starts to get grainy.Is this because the barlow is poor quality or are the two incompatible.As the scope is supposed to magnify up to 160x I am puzzled as to the solution.Any help would be appreciated please.
  15. Thanks for the replies that is just what I wanted to know.Magic.
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