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  1. Hi Doug, What a great idea! I knew they had telescopes at Herstmonceux but it never occurred to me that it was open to the public. It's only about half an hour away, if that.... Thank you so much for that suggestion as we will definately do that. Sounds like my kind of night out!
  2. Hi Ron, The skies in town are pretty bad but am about to move house to the outskirts incidentally so fingers crossed it will be better. There are places to go where they are much better though and very close too. It's not such a problem at the moment as i have yet to get a decent telescope so am not as yet cursing the clouds!
  3. Hi Syntarsus. That's funny as i saw my very first meteorite at about the same age in the Greek mountains where visibility was amazing! Gives me goosebumps just remembering it and reading your message. Thanks for sharing that... Hope to see many more in my lifetime as the sense of wonder they trigger is unlike any other feeling!
  4. Thank you all so much for your welcome notes and replies. It's so warming to be in touch with friendly people with like-minded interests. May i thank you all again and very much look forward to further contact.
  5. Hi, I am Michele. I am completely new to this having very happily stumbled across it doing some personal research on Meteorites, which incidentally i love so much for so many reasons. I live in Hastings with my son Tomas who is 13 in February. When i was a little girl i wanted to be an Astronomer.... There is no greater love, than the love i have for all that is.
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