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  1. Thank you. I think ill go for de 350d . Cheaper, bigger pixels and the lack of live view is not a problem as i will be tethering it only with a pc anyway. "Envoyé depuis mon SGH-T999V avec Tapatalk"
  2. I downloaded ccdcal, but the only canon i see in list are canon 20da, 40d, 400d, or 5d. Wich one I should use to compare between 350d and 1000d? Thank you "Envoyé depuis mon SGH-T999V avec Tapatalk"
  3. Now I see a canon 1000d partialy unfiltered. Wich one I should take? Whats the diffenrence between the canon 350d with no filter and one with 1 filter remaining?. Thank you for your advise "Envoyé depuis mon SGH-T999V avec Tapatalk"
  4. Hi, there is currently on ebay an canon 350d astro moded on ebay( filter removed), is it a good camera to have with a 9.25 inch SCT? I hear that it have bigger pixel so itll be more sensitiv even with just 8 mpx? . your opinion? Before sale end. thank you. "Envoyé depuis mon SGH-T999V avec Tapatalk"
  5. Responding to the problem of Ambro ( 2 years late!!) , but to keep track of it if I install it on another computer and forgot it. The problem is not with version 6 of ascom. The problem is with the way your computer handle decimal separator (comma or dot), it fail when decimal number are represented with comma instead of dot. To fix this, in windows 7: --Go to start -- Control panel -- Region and Language -- Click on : additional settings -- Next to decimal symbol, simply hit the dot "." to replace the comma ","...your done....
  6. Hi, i don't know if you achieved unsoldering the join, I just modded my canon and i've got the same problem. Here's what i've done: with a small screw driver, I've put a pression upward under the metal shield near the joint I was trying to unsolder, then when the solder was melting, the metal shield lifted. Ive done that for every joint. I've done that because i was unable to suck up the melt metal with my pump, but in my case, it was melting.
  7. I have ordered the board on ebay to built this autguiding setup on my eq-3-2. On the waiting, can someone who have done this before on eq 3-2 tell me advises on problem i can have ?
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