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  1. Always was fascinated by the night sky as a kid, but did nothing abut it. Finally bought my first scope this year after borrowing one from a work colleague earlier in the year. Am 36 and now hooked.
  2. Hi Morayastro, Very jealous of your clear skies, have you seen any aurora at all. There have been many reports of the phenomenom (spelling?) much further south. Its one thing I would love to see. Adam.
  3. At least you got an e-mail from them, I had to e-mail today asking for confirmation of dispatch. Apparently "This has now been dispatched and should be with you any day now" I am not holding my breath! I completely understand that other suppliers may cause delays but their communication with their customers with orders needs to improve! Adam.
  4. Hi, Welcome to SGL - any questions will definitely be answered here no matter how daft! Adam.
  5. Ordered a SPC880 bundle from Morgan last thursday (10 Nov). Sent them an e-mail chasing yesterday - apparently a supplier has "let them down" and they expect to be shipping them in three working days........ Its annoying as they could have informed customers of this delay - not that the skies have been visible to do any photography recently! Adam.
  6. Andy, You can pick up the SPC880 bundle from Morgan Computers for a very small cost. I have just ordered on, and waiting for it to be delivered. Sharpcap apparently is good software to control the camera - free download. There's a picture taken with the SPC here http://stargazerslounge.com/astro-lounge/164021-peoples-jupiter-pics-18th-nov-2011-a.html which looks very impressive. From one newbie SPC880 user, will be interested to see how you get on to compare notes! Adam.
  7. Thats a great picture Daz1974, some nice detail. I have just ordered a SPC880 - waiting for Morgan to deliver (been delayed for over a week due to suppliers apparently - grrr). What settings did you have on Sharpcap, gain etc??? I hope to be able to get pictures like that when those damn clouds disappear! Adam.
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    Hi and welcome - great scope
  9. Hi, Welcome to SGL. It's great to get children involved at a young age - I do try and get my two kids involved, wish I had discovered amateur astronomy when I was younger. Adam.
  10. Hi Yosser70, Welcome. Nice picture on your first attempt. What webcam did you use to take that? Adam.
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    Hi Mike, Welcome to SGL.
  12. damp owl


    Hi Craig, Bought my first scope a couple of months ago - SW Explorer 200P, taking first steps into viewing and am hooked. Scope is great... Adam.
  13. It's sitting on EQ5 mount with additional RA drive. Got this second hand so was very pleased with the buy.....
  14. Hi all, I am a newcomer to both SGL and astronomy. Live and work in Taunton Somerset on the edge of the town close to M5. I bought a Sywatcher 200P a couple of months ago and am enjoying my new found hobby - spend so much more of my time watching weather websites now looking for clear skies!!! Am looking to get into astro photography, any recommendations around this would be greatly appreciated - CCD vs DSLR etc...... Apologies in advance for hundreds of questions as I learn...... Adam.
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