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  1. SRB Griturn Camera Accessories,Digiscoping,scopes,binoculars make all sorts of bespoke adapters. If they can't supply want you want, no one can!
  2. Bought two scopes from them. Had excellent service.
  3. Yes, I know, I've tried them often, but simply can't A) afford them and can't see £1000 difference between them and my 8x32 ELs!
  4. If you keep your binoculars above dew point, you will not get any fogging inside. The simplest way to do this while using them on a cold night is to keep them inside your coat when you're not using them. At the end of your viewing session, put the eyecups on them and put them in the case BEFORE going inside. That will reduce the chance of moist air condensing on the inside.
  5. If you set the dioptre adjustment to zero and focus the left ocular with your left eye, then look through the right ocular with your left eye, is it still sharp? If it is, then either you are accommodating when looking through with your right eye or your vision is not as perfect as you think it is! As a double check on the binoculars: Leaving the dioptre at zero, focus using both eyes so that you get a sharp image, then quickly open and close each eye to see if there is any difference. Do this while using them in normal daylight conditions. Incidentally, £65 is far from expensive for a pair of bins - if you want a fright, look at the cost of Swarovski 10x50 Swarovision!!!!!
  6. The number one spotting scope on the market is the Kowa 883/4 (883 angled, 884 straight) Kowa use a pure flourite crystal for the objective lens, so it's really good quality - will outperform the Swarovski HDs!!! (that's not just my opinion, it's fact) However, Zeiss scopes can be fitted with an adapter to take astronomical eyepieces. Frankly, I think you'd be better off buying a reasonable spotting scope for birding - say an Opticron 66ED and spending the difference on an astro scope. Avoid Nikons like the plague!!!!!
  7. The cost of collimation is probably more than they're worth. Save you pennies and buy a decent pair!
  8. Stood out for 10 minutes last night. Cloud came and went, but during the clear spells I managed to see 5. 3 were so bright and lasted so long that I was able to turn and watch them until they burned up completely. I've never seen such bright meteors before, it was amazing. 2 inches of snow this morning!
  9. With the basic Canon electronic release (RS-60E3), you press the button and slide it upwards to keep it pressed, then just slide it down to release when the exposure is finished. Couldn't be simpler
  10. No, because your brain turns everything right way up.
  11. I don't understand how it could cause a cataract, since this is a hardening and clouding of the crystalline lens.
  12. THE best, Peak Star Party, October 2012. Keep an eye on here: Peak Star Party 2011. It'll be updated when all the arrangements are made for 2012.
  13. There are 2 types of floaters: firstly, those between the cornea and the crystalline lens, in the aqueous humour. These move downwards slowly because the AH is liquid and the floaters - cells etc that have been shed by the interior of the anterior region simply drift down. Those in the vitreous humour - between the lens and the retina - can be more troublesome. The VH is like the albumen in an egg, much more viscous, therefore things move more slowly and the VH itself can have threads of denser material which cast shadows. We just have to put up with them, but if bothered it's always worth having a check up with an Optometrist. I've seen, in one chap's eyes, an effect exactly like you get in one of those snow globes - it was just a defect in the VH. Must have been hell if he was into astronomy!
  14. Yes, this is excellent software - it comes with all Canon dSLRs. It even allows time-lapse photography.
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