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  1. It is a Celestron 9.25" SCT on a CG5 GoTo Mount but I run that from the mains so the power pack is mainly for the collector plate dew heater. I am going to need it at some point when away though.
  2. Many thanks for such prompt and helpful replies. I will go for a replacement with the same spec battery. Pity these items do not come with a meter to check available charge
  3. I have a 250A Celestron branded power pack. It seems to be losing the ability to hold charge. How easy/safe is it to replace the batteries with those that are immune from memory effect?
  4. Thank you. As it is a shadow does that mean it will not be visible when in use at night?
  5. I have a Celestron 9.25" OTA and have just fitted a Celestron Corrector/Reducer f/6.3 model 94175. A black disc appears in the eyepiece roughly in the centre of view but it shifts from side to side on focusing. There is no disc with the usual visual back in place. I positioned it between the OTA and the visual back. Does anyone see any obvious problem with what I have done or is there some inherent problem with these focal reducers Thanks Alan
  6. Thanks everyone. It might help if the manual that comes with the mount was a little fuller in describing set-up and adjusting. Not sure that astronomy is a subject to learn by trial and error and that includes the equipment.
  7. My rear latitude adjustment screw jammed at about 45 degrees. On removing the assembly from the central nut and bolt that holds the mount (had to remove both the latitude scale disc and the Celestron disc on the other side) the rear screw was seen partially underneath the adjuster plate and seriously bent. With careful unscrewing and tapping as it came out there was no damage to the threads. In some cases it might be necessary to withdraw as far as possible, cut the bolt on the outside and then screw back in to remove it completely. I replaced the screw with a stainless steel M8 bolt of the s
  8. Now that I am able to operate it properly with the clutches locked it is superb. It ket Jupiter centred for about 20 minutes last night before having to be recentred. Tonight I hope to get the first video of Jupiter and its moons. It seems to me to be a well engineered unit and I cant find anything to complain about but then I am a real beginner with a telescope.
  9. Thank you. I will try that although I did turn the focus wheel through its whole range. Think I might set up during the day and focus on a tree at a distance just to make sure that the whole thing is actually working.
  10. Thank you. I have another question now though. I have an orion planetary webcam. I focus with an eyepiece and get the target, in tonights case Jupiterm centred beautifully. I carefully swap the eyepiece for the webcam. Check that the cam is working but nothing appears on the laptop screen. Totally blank. I have set capture file and set frame rate and file zize and set it to 'preview'. No matter what I do I cannot get Jupiter to appear. If I shine a torch at the webcam the laptop screen imemdiately goes white so there is no problem with light transmission. Any ideas welcome Alan
  11. THank you to everyone who helped me with this. I tried again with the clutches locked and got some pretty close slewing to planets. Still need to do somework on initial positioning of the tripod but its coming slowly.
  12. I havent been doing a polar align. I just position the tripod pointing north and work from there. I thought that you positioned as closely pointing north as possible and then when aligning you used the process to fine tune it.
  13. THis is where I really show how incompetent I am. I thought you had to leave the clutches loose because if you ran the motors with them tight you would strip the gears. Have I got this totally wrong?
  14. Yes it is set to London in the hand controller. Cant imagine it is that because I am so close to central London - 22 miles - it should not make any difference
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