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  1. hi all sold up a while ago but just got a new skywatcher 200p dob, and it's got me thinking about astrophotography again. for the time being it will be widefield dslr lens imaging, so im wondering what the cheapest way to go about this is? i'll use my finderscope as my guiding scope but not sure about mounts and goto etc etc. cheapest route to go down for dslr imaging is what im after! thanks folks tom
  2. thanks to you both for your help dave - is it possible to give me a quick run down of what you did? im so lost
  3. thanks very much. I've got version 3.3.2 and im just restacking the raws(starting again). il send you the output file if thats ok?
  4. yes thats the stacked file, was around 10 minutes. think i had 20 pictures not 25. in dss it was a very bright pinky colour. when i saved it it came out like that as a tiff - i saved as png in PS then downsized and saved as jpeg in paint to upload here.
  5. theres a horrible gradient still which i have no idea how to remove. anything i try with the histogram exagerates this and makes it look worse! argggggh!!!
  6. just doing it now. 25 pics stacking, using recommended settings, no darks or anything else. will post a post-stack image
  7. no, still not entirely sure what im doing with it. ive got a black frame too add in, but no idea what an offset or bias is. so do i just load the black frame, then all the pics, and stack?
  8. hi all, Ive taken about 25 pics liek the one attached - iso800, 25s exposure. I'm not sure what to do with dss etc to get the best out of them, if it's even possible. any help greatly appreciated. thanks, tom
  9. so maybe i should think about getting an F8 or higher scope over my 200p F5 for planetary views?
  10. thanks everyone just a little somehtign to think about since ive seen it written somewhere - 'ancient' photons.. photons can spontaneously break up to form an electron positron pair before the two annihilate and form a photon again. Pretty sure it can also form other things which dont re-form the photon. so these ancient photons might not be so ancient
  11. This has probably been asked many times over but I'm still going to ask it - how do planets fare in the 16 inch compared to the 8 inch?? Does jupiter/saturn look totally different? do they appear larger? At some point in the future I'm going to get a large dob, but for now I can't afford it. Just wondering if the views will be totally different
  12. the small circle higlights asda, the big circle the fields. theres a foot bridge and im pretty sure also a small road to get over/under the m4.
  13. It's probably not far enough out but I know just south of the m4 in lower earley (the big asda complex etc) theres lots of fields - I live in Sibly halls 5 minutes away form the asda and have walked through the woodland and fields a few times. It looks to me like from that point onwards going south theres not another town for quite a few miles so I reckon it'd be a good spot. Saying that I had to stop driving for Uni and I don't fancy lugging my heq5 and 200p all that way by foot!
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